What is Happiness?




I have come to believe that our thinking has a powerful influence on our actions, reactions and happiness. It is not easy to define happiness. For me it involves being content, accepting and liking where I am now and the direction I am heading in and seeing all the positives in my life. Of course life throws us many challenges that sometimes creates confusion, discontentment and a feeling of being out of control and possibly not being able to cope. This is where our thinking comes into play. When things don’t seem to be going right we can choose to take some time to take stock of the situation. Some people will look inwards and think about what they might need or can do to change the situation while others may look outwards and blame others for what happens or feel powerless to change anything. For me finding positive thoughts when my happiness seems to feel derailed allows me to feel empowered to do something about it or recognise that it is out of my control.  When you take a more positive view it can possibly open up opportunities or actions that might change how you are feeling and the situation. Life doesn’t just happen to us it is what we think, feel and do to make it work in a positive way that is important.

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