The Way Ahead for 2019

The Way Ahead for 2019



Welcome to 2019. How do you set yourself up for a happy, fulfilled and successful year? Many people set New Year Resolutions but these never seemed to create any difference to my life. That all changed in 2012 when I started to choose a Lighthouse Word to give me direction and purpose. The words that have given me a way to guide and direct me through my years have included:-

  • 2018 Empowerment
  • 2017 Questions
  • 2016 Focus
  • 2015 Balance & Momentum
  • 2014 Impossible which translates to I’m Possible
  • 2013 Declutter
  • 2012 Celebrate

After much deliberation over the last two weeks I have finally decided on my LIGHTHOUSE WORD for 2019 – STRENGTH.

Since adopting an annual LIGHTHOUSE WORD I have noticed positive steps in my thinking, actions, achievements, gratitude and adopted an approach to every day that creates a pathway to become an improved me every day. For 2019 I want this to contine and I want the STRENGTH to:-

  • move forward in a positive way that doesn’t drain my energy,
  • be there to suppoprt others in their difficult times,
  • respond to rather than react to situations (I find reacting to situations¬† very energy draining),
  • ask for help when I need it both personally and professionally,
  • step out of my confort zone both personally and professionally so that I can explore new opportunities and grow,
  • admit to those close to me that I may not be coping as well as I would like,
  • move forward with Individually You and create new workshops and an online program,
  • make improved choices so that my fitness and health continues to support me in the way I want it too,
  • recognise when I need to step away from things and have some down time,
  • give myself opportunities to engage in more creative pursuits such as collage, gardening, music,
  • to take care of myself and feel the gratitude that is in my life,
  • to make a difference to my own life as well as others.

The word STRENGTH is going to be my 2019 benchmark to assess whether my choices, actions, reactions, intentions, opportunites, thinking, beliefs and values are creating a stronger, more improved and happy me. It will ensure that I am accountable and guiding me to create and live a fulfilled year.







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