Top Tips to Take Your Wardrobe into a New Season



Change of season can be a challenging and frustrating time when it comes to creating daily outfits. The weather can be quite changeable and unpredictable and doesn’t instantly become cooler or warmer. Here in Canberra we can have four seasons in one day. I love the change from Winter to Spring because it brings the hope of warmer weather. I enjoy the aspect of dressing in different combinations and the freedom of less layers.

The beginning of a new season can be a time when you need to think of layering up or layering down your dressing style. This then gives you the opportunity to add or take off clothing layers due to variations in daily temperatures.

If your out of season clothing is stored away like mine it is time to start transitioning it back into your wardrobe. I like to try and avoid the SEARCH & SEEK mission of trying to locate clothing stored in baskets on the top shelf of my wardrobe. What I want is always in the last basket and I end up with clothing everywhere.

Some helpful steps to integrate your clothing into and out of your wardrobe for the new season:-


  • Depending on where you live you will need to determine what clothing can be relocated. If you are transitioning into Spring you will need to gradually introduce some cooler clothes by removing some of the more bulky and warmer items and vice a versa if heading into Autumn. It is important to think of your clothing as part of an outfit combination and not as individual pieces.
  • When transferring clothing into and out of your wardrobe space make sure to check out it’s condition and wearability. This is a good time to assess whether the clothing still has a place in your wardrobe. Asking yourself these questions can help:-
    – Is this still in good condition?
    – Does it need repairing?
    – Is it looking too worn?
    – Does it still fit? Try it on to check if you do not know.
    – Does it coordinate with other items to make a wearable outfit.
    – Where and how can I wear this?
    – Does it still suit my lifestyle?
  • This is a great time to think about creating a list of clothing items that you may need replacing from the previous season as well as what might be missing for the new season. Create a list so you don’t forget.
  • When you are starting the gradual seasonal process of transferring your clothing into your wardrobe consider how well the items go together to create outfits. Place your chosen items on the bed and locate pieces from your wardrobe to team with them. Creating a wardrobe cluster or capsule with 4 tops + 6 bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants) + 2 cardigans / jackets has the potential to make 72 outfit combinations and that is before you think about shoes and accessories.
  • REMEMBER – It is important to do a seasonal stocktake so you know what you already have and what your wardrobe gaps are before you go shopping.

When reassessing your clothing needs it is important to take into consideration any changes that relate to:-

  • your lifestyle – changing jobs,
  • returning to work,
  • retirement,
  • special activities or interests,
  • body changes – weight loss or gain, pregnancy, hormonal changes.

Taking the time to consider your clothing needsĀ  and prepare for the new season can save you time, money and energy. Make every item of clothing pay it’s way by wearing them.

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