Packing for a Holiday

Packing for a Holiday


Packing for a Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be a daunting task. How many times have you over packed for a holiday and only worn a small portion of what was in your suitcase? These tips outline a process for packing for a holiday that results in a selection of clothing that mixes and matches to create multiple outfits. Let’s look at how to create a travel wardrobe capsule that eliminates over packing.

Packing for a Holiday – What to think About?

Before you begin to think of packing you need to consider the following:-

  • length of your holiday
  • what temperature zone/s will you be visiting
  • what type of activities / events will you be involved in

The answers to these questions will provide you with direction as to what types of clothes you will need to consider packing.

Packing for a Holiday – Preparing a Travel Capsule

Your travel wardrobe needs to be a cohesive group of clothing that suit your holiday activities and climate.

All the items of clothing need to work together.

The key to preparing your travel wardrobe is to think outfits not just items of clothing. What you pack in your suitcase needs to be a mini wardrobe that coordinates and gives you versatility for the various activities you will be undertaking.

Your travel wardrobe needs:

  • a colour palette that can mix and match and is made up of neutrals and colours
  • outfits that can be dressed up and down with different accessories to suit different activities
  • clothing that you enjoy wearing
  • clothing that you feel comfortable in and fits well

To achieve this you need to put selected clothing items on the bed and try different combinations on to ensure you feel and look good in them.

The image below shows the travel capsule I packed for a recent holiday to Bryon Bay.

Packing for a Holiday Travel Capsule

These are the steps I followed to create this travel capsule.

  1. Selected a pair of favourite pants – the floral printed pairs.
  2. Chose 4 tops to go with these pants – 2 very casual tops and 2 tops that could be worn smart casual.
  3. Tried on all of these combinations to make sure I liked them and they all fitted.
  4. Tried on different shoes and accessories to go with these outfits and put those I liked to the side.
  5. Next I tried on and selected 3 more bottoms that coordinated with the chosen tops.
  6. Chose 2 jackets (long cardigan & shawl top) that could be worn with all outfits if I needed some warmth.
  7. Chose 1 x dress for travelling days.
  8. Selected 4 pairs of shoes  and accessories (not shown). I find culling shoes the hardest thing to do when packing for a holiday. I do like to take 3 but on this occasion I couldn’t make a decision. As I was travelling by car I didn’t have to consider weight.
  9. Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, earrings, bangles, belts  do not have to go with all outfits. I pack my accessories in plastic snack bags in colour groupings.
  10. Also included swimmers, toiletries and underwear.

This travel capsule gave me the choice of 16 outfits when I paired tops and bottom.

Teaming the jackets gave me another 32 different outfits.

Total outfits from the possible combinations comes to 58 outfits + 1 more when you add in the dress.

Packing for a Holiday – Did it Work?

Yes it did. I wore all the items packed except for the shawl top. I probably could have got away with 3 tops and bottoms but I like to have variety and choice.

Make packing for a holiday simple by creating a travel capsule.





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