How to Have an Organised Wardrobe


Many of the clients I work with say these words:-
  • I can’t find anything in my wardrobe
  • I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.
  • I keep wearing the same outfits.
  • I hate getting dressed each morning.
  • Where is my blue top?

Imagine how it would feel to get dressed each morning without being stressed. How much easier would it be if you could see & easily locate the clothing you are looking for.

What are the  benefits of a well organised wardrobe:-

  •  saves you time,  energy and frustration because you can easily find what you are looking for
  • saves you money because you know what you have in your wardrobe and can determine the clothing gaps
  • gives you the opportunity to easily coordinate your clothing into stylish outfits
  • starts your day with less stress because getting dressed has just become much easier

If you cannot easily see or find your clothing you will not be wearing it. Let’s look at ways to organise your clothing so you can practise the SEE and REACH wardrobe exercise each day and start your day with a smile.

Let me take you inside my very ordinary wardrobe and look at the organisational and storage ideas that have transformed what use to be a very cluttered and disorganised space. My wardrobe consists of 2 hanging areas (each about 75 cm in length), some shelving and 4 drawers in a separate unit. I do share a small part my wardrobe with my husband.



Hanging for shorter items


Hanging for longer clothing

Hang as much of your clothing as you can. It is much easier to locate what you are looking for.

Organise your clothing by type skirts, tops, pants, jackets etc. Don’t forget to separate any suits you have. This means you can see the jacket and skirt or pants as separate items and start to wear them with other combinations.

Sort the clothing  in each of your  organised groups into plains and prints and then in colour groupings from white to black with the colours of the rainbow in between. Why you ask? This makes it much easier for coordinating outfits.

What are you hanging your clothes on?       

The coat hangers you use can make a difference to your clothes and how easily your clothes move along the rail. I use to be a coat hanger snob – I only used covered coat hangers. The problem with covered coat hangers is that they take up a large amount of space and made it difficult to move clothing along the railing to find what I wanted to wear. This would result in me throwing clothing out onto my bed and my bedroom looking like a bomb had gone off. That was until I discovered these slim line felted hangers at Costco.




Let’s move on to the clothes that would not fit in my wardrobe hanging space to the 4 drawers and shelving space.


I found jeans especially took up too much space when hanging so putting them into a drawer was my solution. Rolling my leggings, tights and jeans and placing into the drawers has worked well.

My underwear (which I didn’t think you needed to be exposed to) is stored in clear rectangular containers in a drawer.

Play clothes and hats are stored in baskets on shelves- stops the mess that my clothing piles use to get in.


I may not have a boutique wardrobe but over the years I have worked with the space I have and now can practise the SEE and REACH TECHNIQUE every day.

This post is about wardrobe organisation but in the process of organising you might like to do some culling of those clothes that you don’t wear, no longer fit or suit you. This process certainly frees up space.




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