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Do you find yourself wearing the same clothes day after day and are bored with your clothes?
Have you got clothes in your wardrobe that you have forgotten about?
Are you in a style slump?

If this is you then you need to do something different to break your daily dressing choices. I do not mean rushing out and buying new clothes. Look in your wardrobe and experiment. This is exactly what I did this week. I SET MYSELF A WARDROBE CHALLENGE which involved wearing items of clothing that I hadn’t worn for quite a while.  Finding and wearing something different can make a difference to how you look and feel. It is well worth taking the time to locate a lonely piece of clothing in your wardrobe and create an outfit.

This is just what I did this week. I actually found 2 items I hadn’t worn for at least 12 months and 1 that I had never worn.

TOP: This top was a low cost Tempt top purchased 18 months ago. I bought it because of the colours. Many times I put it on only to take it off again. I think I didn’t like the white at the bottom because it seemed to focus attention to my middle area. Any way I was determined to wear it for a day to make a decision as to whether it was going to continue to live in my wardrobe.

PANTS: Faded navy Banana Blue pants purchased at least 4 years ago. I had forgotten about these very comfortable pants.

SHOES: Navy Easy Living Footwear purchased last year. They are strappier than what I normally wear but I loved the small platform sole and the funky flowers and needed a pair of navy shoes. Only wore them a couple of times last summer. Can only wear them when my day doesn’t entail a lot of walking because the straps irritate parts of my feet. 

EARRINGS: Recently purchased.

Did it have the Goldilock’s Principle?
The Goldilock’s Principle means that an outfit is ‘just right’ and makes you feel comfortable, confident and happy.

  • Definitely felt comfortable to wear. I still have some reservations about the white on the top and after playing in my wardrobe found 3 more pairs of pants I can wear it with. Most of my outfits consist of a column of colour (similar colours on the top and bottom) This top took me out of my comfort zone but I plan to wear it styled differently over the next few weeks. I am desperately looking for a pair of white pants I have misplaced to see how if this feels more like me. Can only wear the sandals when my day doesn’t entail a lot of walking because the straps irritate parts of my feet. In the future I need to avoid buying strappy sandals. I am going to give the pants a new lease of life by redyeing them.
  • Colours were in my colour palette. 
  • Made me feel good.
  • Yes I would wear it again.
  • Yes I can wear each of the items with other clothing in my wardrobe. 

It was well worth taking the time to rescue lonely clothing items in my wardrobe. I have added more value to the real estate sitting in my wardrobe.









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  1. Thanks for the great post. I admit that until recently I really didn’t know what was in my wardrobe. I started the Project 333 challenge and typed up the clothes I wanted to wear in a spread sheet. I have since typed up most of my clothes and ‘catalogued’ them and even sorted by rainbow. By doing this process I found clothes I had forgotten about and now I wear. Because the clothes are listed in my spread sheet I don’t forget I have them. I now know I have a huge wardrobe clothes and have had reality check. Hope you have a lovely New Year!

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