How to Connecct the Dots in your Wardrobe


Are you happy with the clothes in your wardrobe? Do you keep buying more clothes because you feel you have nothing to wear?

What do you see when you open the w

ardrobe door? Do you see a cupboard full of individual clothing pieces or endless outfit possibilities?

Your shopping approach and habits greatly influence your wardrobe and how well your wardrobe relates to you. If you would like a more versatile wardrobe that inspires you every day it is time to change how you think when you go shopping and look in your wardrobe.

 An important key to creating a mix and match wardrobe is to think OUTFITS NOT INDIVIDUAL ITEMS OF CLOTHING.

I call this approach the DOT TO DOT STYLE APPROACH.

It means that you see all your clothing items – shoes, tops, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, jackets, cardigans, jewellery, belts etc in terms of how they connect to other items of clothing to create outfits. Sometimes you don’t see the possibilities and outfit choices  that are staring you in the face everyday. By using the DOT TO DOT STYLE APPROACH you are looking for the elements such as colours, prints & patterns, shapes, types of clothing and accessories that can mix and match for many occasions. This creates a visual statement that expresses your personality style and suits your lifestyle needs. The steps to creating a DOT TO DOT STYLE APPROACH include:-

1. Think about who you are and how you want to look. This is called your Personality Style. Find out more about Personality Style here.

2. Look in your wardrobe and notice the patterns, prints, colours, types and shapes of clothing that are in there. Remember when I say clothing I am including shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves etc. You are creating a total look. Read more in Step into Style.

3. Play dress ups and put on some favourite outfits and pay attention to how they make you look and feel. What do you like about the outfits? Do the same for some outfits that you might not have worn for a while. Compare how you feel and look in these outfits.

4. Start creating different outfits with the clothing in your wardrobe to see what different looks you can discover. Take photos of the ones you like and put them on the inside of your wardrobe door so you can see your favourite outfits at a glance on those busy mornings.

5. Notice what items may be missing from your wardrobe that would contribute to an outfit. Create a shopping list and read How Do You Shop?

6. Ensure that your shopping purchases contribute positively to your wardrobe by asking yourself some questions before you buy:

  • Why did I pick this?
  • Where would I wear this?
  • Can I coordinate this to make at least 3 different looks/ outfits?
  • Does this colour flatter me?
  • Would I buy this if it wasn’t on sale?

If you want to wear more of your clothing most of the time try thinking  OUTFITS and adopting a DOT TO DOT STYLE APPROACH to your dressing. Your wardrobe will be your go to place for inspiration.  


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