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Your approach to getting dressed can make a difference to your day. It takes just as much time getting dressed to look good as to look not so good so why not make every day a look and feel great day.

This outfit that I wore last week was chosen by applying the 5 ‘F’ Principles. This gave me a process to think about what I was going to wear rather than just playing it safe and reaching into the wardrobe for the same outfit. The outfit on the bottom was the one I wore.





These are the 5 ‘F’ Principles I followed:-

  1. FIND & SEEK – this is a task that I do the night before or on the weekend so I am prepared for my morning dressing. The dressing task I set myself was to identify an item of unworn clothing and create an outfit. I chose a top that I had bought 6 months ago and had put on and taken off on many occasions for no other reason than it just didn’t feel right. I bought it because of its unusual shape and I loved the colour. I had to ask myself “Why haven’t I worn this?”I teamed it with my black slip dress and after playing around with it I used one of my favourite styling tools (the rubber band) and created a different way to wear this top that I liked the look of and felt like me. I experimented with necklaces and accessories as well.  I found 2 ways to wear this one top and I could also team it with different pants and jeans for even more outfit combinations. This is adding value and versatility to my wardrobe.
  2. FUNCTION – where am I going and what will I be doing? When getting dressed it is important to consider what purpose you are dressing for – social, personal, sports or hobbies or work so as you look and dress appropriately. I was dressing for a day at work which required meeting with clients so my dress needed to be smart casual whilst looking approachable.
  3. FIT – Wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose will never be flattering. I wanted to give this top a more structured look so I created a more fitted outline by bringing the peaked side pieces into the middle and tying them with a rubber band. I have a straight up and down ‘H’ body shape with very little waist definition but with the changes I made I have created a more slimming silhouette. The shaping of this outfit starts at my narrowest point under my bust. The ruching effect created by the rubber band tying is a great way to hide my tummy as well as making me appear longer through my middle section.
  4. FOCUS – I created an upward focus by wearing a coloured top, necklace and earrings. I had an unexpected realisation during the day – the colour of the top enhanced the colouring of my lips which meant that as my lipstick wore off I didn’t need to reapply it.
  5. FEEL – This is an important factor when getting dressed. I strongly believe that when you feel right in your clothing you will also look great, have more confidence and approach your day in a different way. Feeling right has a lot to do with understanding your Personality Style. I did feel right in the outfit I wore  because it had colour, was comfortable with an edgy fun feel to it while still being appropriate for going to work. My Personality Style is Relaxed, Comfortable and Creative and this outfit had the ‘Goldilock’s Principle’ for me. I enjoyed wearing this outfit.

Create an outfit to wear this week that makes you look and feel great.



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  1. Carol S said:

    Great post! I hadn’t thought of getting dressed in this way.
    – Find & seek, I have a spread sheet with most of my clothes on it ordered in rainbow colours & clothes type. Now that I have that spread sheet I am working my way through the list.
    – Function, I am retired & don’t go out much so my clothes are casual & I don’t worry how much they match etc. but when I do go out for a special event like a medical appointment, I do think for ever about what will go with what. Also I have worked out that I wear singlet tops when the weather is going to be 30 C or over, T-shirts between 20 C – 30 C. It is so good having that figured out!
    – Fit, it has been so long since I have worn some of the clothes in the back of the wardrobe & by working through my spread sheet list eventually I find out what fits and what doesn’t.
    – Focus, this was interesting because I don’t really think about that. I am buying tops with pattern on it as I am a plus size & want to break up my broadness. This will also create a focus upwards. This is really food for thought.
    – Feel, I like being comfortable so most of my clothes are casual. I like cottons in all its forms (knitted or woven). I am currently thinking a bit more about my personality style. So far – comfortable, casual and perhaps bohemiamish (flowers/mosaics/paisley). Thanks.

  2. So glad you found this post interesting. It is an evolving journey to find your style and it sometimes when you take a different approach it can be very insightful.

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