Five Deadly Wardrobe Sins

Five Deadly Wardrobe Sins

Five Deadly Wardrobe Sins addresses the reasons why many women feel frustrated and challenged by their wardrobe. Many of the women I work with feel that they have nothing to wear when they actually have endless outfit options hanging in their wardrobe without realising it. This usually results in an endless cycle of shopping but not necessarily more wearable outfits.

The starting point for wardrobe frustration or overwhelm is to look at the habits and routines that have developed over time that are stopping you from exploring what you already have. If you feel frustrated with your wardrobe consider which of these wardrobe sins you could approach differently.

1.Overcrowded Wardrobe

Having an overcrowded wardrobe

  • restricts your ability to see, seek and locate clothing items.
  • results in forgetting and loosing track of what clothing items you actually have.
  • requires much more time, effort and energy to choose an outfit each morning.

SOLUTION: Create Your Own Wardrobe Boutique

Your wardrobe needs to be the storage place for:-

  • current season clothes,
  • clothes that fit your now body and lifestyle.

Any clothes that do not meet the above criteria could be stored elsewhere so that the unneccesary clutter is removed. You need room to be able to move your clothing along the hanging rail and not have a daily tug a war and wardrobe meltdowns.

For more organising tips read https: How to Have an Organised Wardrobe

2.Keep Wearing the Same Outfit Combination

Mornings can be quite a hectic time and quite often it becomes the habit to reach for a tried and true outfit. This quite often results in a feeling of boredom and thinking that you have nothing to wear. Most people wear only 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.

SOLUTION: Plan and Play

  • Change your reach and grab strategy to one that involves some wardrobe exploring. This involves planning some outfits in advance. This could be done at the weekend or the night before. The more you do this the more aware you will be of just how many potential new outfits combinations you actually have.
  • Create a look book of outfits that you enjoy wearing by taking photos. This ensures that you can remember all the elements of an outfit and have outfit inspiration on the run.

Read more here:- Style Inspiration to Create Your Outfits

3. Shopping Without a Plan

Many women go shopping without a plan of what they are looking for. You cannot create a wardrobe that supports you if you don’t know what you already have and what you need. This often results in clothing hanging in wardrobes not being worn.

SOLUTION: Create a List

Most women create a shopping list for groceries and household needs but not for their clothing needs. Create a list of the clothing items that you need to replace or need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. When you do this you will be shopping with purpose and direction.

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4. Buying Clothes and Not Wearing Them

There are many reasons why we buy clothes and don’t wear them. If you go shopping you usually have an expectation that you will buy something and this can result in purchasing items for the wrong reasons.

SOLUTION: Ask this question?

Quite often we buy clothing just because it fits. Fit is not the only consideration when buying clothing. You need to ask this important question – HOW DOES IT FEEL? If you have any doubts no matter what other people think leave it in the shop because it will just become another orphan in your wardorbe.

When you purchase something new plan to wear it as soon as possible. Before you hang it up create at least one outfit and plan when you will wear it. Clothes that are purchased and then hung in the wardrobe can easily be forgotten.

5. Unsure  What Clothing Suits You, Your Body and Your Lifestyle

We get dressed every day but do not always feel good about it. Your clothes have the power to give you confidence and to look and feel great.

SOLUTION: Seek professional help

Contact a professional who can provide you with the knowledge and understanding so that your wardrobe supports you by giving you






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