8 Lessons from My wardrobe Part 2

8 Lessons from My wardrobe Part 2



This post follows on from my previous post which looked at Lesson 1 – Importance of Colour and Lesson 2 Who Am I? If you missed this post you can read it here.



Over the last six years my wardrobe has gone from absolute chaos to a much more organised system. I have less clothes in my wardrobe but do not feel like I have nothing to wear. I can clearly see, find and easily reach my clothing items because I have instilled order and organisation into my wardrobe. I do not have a large wardrobe. Setting up an organised space did not come naturally until I realised the positive impact it could have on my daily life.

When I was taking my wardrobe from chaos to calm I questioned why it had taken me so long to do this. (Confession – I do have to work at being organised). I had spent many years at war with my wardrobe. Now I realise the important role an organised wardrobe plays in starting my day in a positive way. I do not have to tread the minefield of utter chaos. It saves me time at the beginning of the day and also the end of the day. I use to come home and have to rehang the clothes that had been discarded onto the bed or floor because they were not right. The other positive impact is that I can easily locate what I am looking for. It is so easy to see and find what is in the wardrobe.

How to Have an Organised Wardrobe outlines the steps I took to create a wardrobe that makes it easy to shop in my wardrobe.



In the past there was a very important element missing from my wardrobe.  I had many items of clothing but many of them didn’t relate to me and I wasn’t wearing them. I came to realise that my clothes needed to relate to my:-

  •  personality – who I was and how I wanted to express myself to the world,
  •  physical shape and all it’s changes,
  •  lifestyle – what kind of clothes (Level of Refinement) do I need for work and play activities in my life.

My wardrobe now supports me because I know I am the essential ingredient in the wardrobe. The clothes that deserve a place in my wardrobe have to support my YOUNIQUENESS. My choices of what clothing items I purchase are considered carefully and not driven by what is in fashion. All the clothes in my wardrobe have a place because they fit and feel right and support my lifestyle.



My approach to shopping has changed dramatically. I had not really considered how my approach to shopping was not conducive to a positive outcome for my wardrobe. If I went shopping it was with the purpose of buying something and this resulted in many bad purchases. It was an external approach which was influenced by what was in ‘fashion’. My reason for shopping was usually related to rewarding myself or needing a pick me up. I expected to make a purchase every time I went to the shops otherwise it was a waste of time.

I discovered that successful shopping:-

  • doesn’t have to result in a purchase. I take myself on a Shop Safari where I go to explore what is out there.
  • is guided by my knowledge of myself.
  • involves buying something that will coordinate and complement what I already have in my wardrobe.
  • means buying clothes that are going to support me for longer than a season.

My wardrobe is unique to me and is bringing me much joy.


 Lessons from My Wardrobe – Part 3 coming soon.


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