7 Effective Wardrobe Habits

7 Effective wardrobe habits


A wardrobe full of clothing items does not necessarily mean you have a working wardrobe. A working wardrobe takes the frustrations out of getting dressed every day and for all occasions by being well organised with clothing that suits your personality style, body shape and lifestyle. Your wardrobe is your daily shopping boutique and needs ongoing maintenance just like your car to keep it functioning effectively.

Let’s look at some ongoing habits that have the potential to lessen the frustrations of getting dressed each day.

  1. ORGANISATION is the key to finding and locating what you want to wear. If you cannot SEE & REACH your clothing easily you will not wear it. Much time is wasted daily by women trying to find an item of clothing in a disorganised wardrobe. An organised wardrobe increases the potential of wearing more of your clothes all the time and providing greater versatility to your outfits. Say goodbye to wardrobe boredom and frustrations. How to have an Organised Wardrobe provides organisational tips.
  2. TAKING OUT & PUTTING BACK – My organised wardrobe does not stay that way unless I create habits that potentially keep it that way. This is one of the maintenance habits that I am working on. I sometimes do not take the time to replace clothing back in the right space and this only leads to frustration and takes up time when I am looking for the missing piece of clothing. I am trying to create a new habit – when I take clothing off the hanger I am moving it to the right hand end of the rod so that I can easily locate it when replacing items. This means that I am more likely to put my clothing back in the right location because I have a system to follow.
  3. ONGOING SORTING & CULLING – Creating a pattern for sorting and culling clothing on the go can be helpful. When I notice clothing that doesn’t fit, needs mending or is passed it’s use by date I do not put it back in the wardrobe. I now throw out worn clothing when I notice it, put clothes that need mending in a basket and take clothing that doesn’t fit or suit me to the recycling bag in my car. I just have to create a habit of mending the items in the basket and taking the clothes in my car to the Op Shop.
  4. SEASONAL SORTING – Many of my clothes are trans seasonal but those that aren’t are stored in plastic clothes baskets on the top shelf of my wardrobe. This means that I have easier access to the clothes in my wardrobe because they are not overcrowded.
  5. UTILISE ALL SPACE – I have found that by placing hooks on the back of my wardrobe and bedroom doors it creates areas to hang coats, bags, dressing gowns, tomorrow’s outfit, gym gear etc.
  6. BE INSPIRED – When you have an organised wardrobe you have a clearer idea of what is in your wardrobe. To maximise the outfit potential of your wardrobe I strongly recommend taking time to create outfits by PLAYING DRESS UPS. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match your clothing and really creates a working wardrobe. Take photos of  the outfits you create for inspiration when you need it. I do this about every 6 weeks and am always amazed when I create a new outfit combination. Don’t forget to include shoes and accessories when creating your outfits. You might like to read How to Connect the Dots in Your Wardrobe.
  7. FILL IN THE GAPS. – When you have created a working wardrobe you can more easily identify the clothing you need to purchase to fill in the gaps. You can create your to buy shopping list. When you know what is in your wardrobe and where your gaps are you can shop with purpose and save money and time.


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  1. Yes that is all really good advice. Re Organisation… I have my T-shirts in a tub and my skirts in another tub and my long sleeved T-shirts in yet another two tubs. Using the tools available (spread sheets) I have all my clothes catalogued on the spread sheet according to type and then sorted according to a rainbow. I know what clothes I have because, yes, I can see them, because I can see them on the spread sheet and I know I have it somewhere. Superficially my wardrobe looks disorganised but I think it is incredibly well organized.

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