Longer Body, Short Legs



A long waist means that your upper body is longer than your lower half. You have a longer body and shorter legs. When dressing you are aiming to create an illusion of a shorter upper body. Let’s look at ways to dress  to achieve a balanced look.

  • Tuck your tops in and wear medium to high waisted skirts or pants.
  • Wear a medium to wide belt  as this will define your waist. If you wear a skinny belt your upper body will look even longer.
  • Jackets / cardigans need to end no longer than your high hip. This length will make your legs appear longer.
  • Wearing colour, patterns  and accessories on your upper body will draw the eye upwards.
  • Wearing shoes that tone with your skin, pants or tights will also lengthen your legs and create balance.
  • Pushing your long sleeve top up your arm will create the appearance of lengthening the lower body.

Have fun and experiment with these tips to create a look you want.

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