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How to Balance an Outfit


I unearthed this asymmetrical red Riding Hood jacket during my wardrobe reorganisation last week. This treasure was purchased 2 years ago and worn only twice. It was  hiding away in the spare room wardrobe. ( REMINDER TO SELF AND EVERYONE ELSE – What you can’t see and access easily you won’t wear). Not good cost per wear value . I have worn it twice in the last week and it is now hanging in my wardrobe where I can see it and wear it.


This jacket is not a fitted style and has a lot of volume. When a garment such as a top, jacket, skirt, pants  is more voluminous it needs to teamed with a slimmer shaped top or bottom. This follows the Principles of Volume guidelines and results in an outfit that is balanced and does not look too boxy and makes you look larger all over. As you can see from these examples.

Red Riding Hood Jacket 018

Red jacket with my favourite boyfriend jeans looks too boxy.

Red Riding Hood Jacket 013Red Riding Hood Jacket 020

Red jacket with skinny jeans(left) and teal skinny pants (right) looks more balanced and appealing.

PLEASE NOTE: The images I imported definitely had my head and feet in the picture but they have gone missing in action during the process. Apologies.


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