Friday Thoughts

Friday thoughts

This is the first post (with many more to come I hope) in my Friday Thoughts series. The idea for this series beamed into my head on awaking at 6 this morning. It has resulted from my reflections on my actions over the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago I began to feel that overwhelming feeling that you get when life is throwing a little too much at you. I was as usual pushing myself hard, believing I could do everything while trying to cope with a recurring back problem. It was time to stop and review what was happening to get back some balance.Each year I choose lighthouse words  to give me focus and directions in my life. You can read more here in my post Which Direction are You Going? My words for 2015 are BALANCE & MOMENTUM  and I needed to make some changes because my mind, body and emotions were out of alignment and I lost both a sense of balance and momentum with myself and my personal and professional life. I needed to take some actions so that I didn’t collide with that brick wall in front of me. I am sure you know that feeling. I needed to take a good hard look at what changes I could make to my thinking, actions and beliefs. 

The process I went through was very beneficial and has made a difference. Without realising it I went through a number of steps and realisations.
  • Take your own advice – I looked at my situation from the viewpoint of what would I suggest  if this was a friend and not myself. It was very interesting to hear the me voice inside of my head offering some very sound advice. Made me realise how much easier it is to help a friend rather than yourself.
  • Be a friend to yourself – My words to a friend would be that sometimes you have to take time out from being superwoman and slow down and take care of you – mind, body and soul.
  • Look at your own expectations of yourself – Most of us have much higher  and unrealistic expectations of ourselves than we would of others. We never want to appear as if we aren’t on top of everything. The reality check for me  at this point was that I was trying to live up to my own unrealistic goals and wait for it – that I am not and do not have to be superwoman. I want to enjoy all my life in balanced way.
  • Think it through and make adjustments – I looked at and prioritised my personal and work life and came to the conclusion that adjustments were most definitely needed. The two major outcomes from this were that I asked for help and had to admit that if I wanted to keep being involved in some of my personal /  professional activities I would need to cut back on the amount of time I was putting into them.
  • Listen to your inner voice, feelings and body – Check in regularly with how your mind, body and soul is reacting to what is going on around you in this wonderful and crazy life. Don’t wait till you crash and burn.
  • Value and respect yourself – We can’t give to others if we aren’t giving and forgiving to ourselves.

None of what I have written is earth shattering so why is it so hard to do?

Loving yourself



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