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How to Dress Fuller Upper Arms

How to Dress Fuller upper Arms


Some women feel more comfortable with their upper arms covered. If you have fuller arms or feel self conscious about them then here are some style tips that can enhance your look without adding bulk or drawing attention.
How to Dress Fuller Upper Arms
  • Avoid tighter fitting sleeves & straight sleeve hems. A straight hemline creates a horizontal line and can draw attention to an area by creating a widening effect. You do not want a horizontal line drawing attention to the widest part of your arms.
  • Styles such as batwing, butterfly, fluted or flutter  sleeves  have a more vertical sleeve line which is flattering. They are also not constricting in anyway.
  • Wear a sleeveless top with a lightweight kimino, shrug or cardigan over the top. Scarves can also be a great cover up without adding bulk.
  • Sheer sleeves can be worn under a sleeveless dress or top.
  • Wearing lightweight fabrics that breathe such as cotton, silk, bamboo will ensure you stay cooler.
  • Draw attention away from your arms by focussing attention on other areas of your body. Create a focal point elsewhere by wearing a necklace, earrings, brooch, belt or even coloured shoes.

The style & hemline of the sleeves you wear can make a difference to the look of your arms







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