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How to Use Colour to Create a Focus Point

How to Use Colour to Create a Focus Point


The colours you wear and how you place them on your body is important to achieving a balanced, enhancing and harmonious style.  When planning an outfit you can use colour to create a focus point. A focus point is an area that draws attention and is noticeable.

I have found that most women have certain areas of their body (upper or lower) that they would prefer not to draw attention to. When you understand how colour can work to highlight or hide areas of your body you are able to dress with more confidence and highlight your assets.

When you think about creating an outfit ask yourself this question – WHERE DO I WANT PEOPLE TO LOOK?

Let’s start with looking at how colour works on our bodies:-

  • Light & bright colours come forward. They are advancing colours and will be noticeable. Placing light or bright colours on an area of your body will draw the eye to that area and create a focus point.
  • Dark colours recede and therefore are best placed on areas of the body that you do not want others to notice.
  • Patterns are more noticeable than a plain colour. Wear patterns on the area of your body you wish to highlight.
  • High contrast and sparse patterns attract more attention than low contrast and dense patterns.

When you look at the following outfits take note of where and what your eye is attracted to. In all of these outfits I have created an upward focus with jewellery so that attention is drawn to my face. The face is our communication centre and this is an important focus area. If you draw attention upwards then the attention of others is diverted away from the areas you don’t want noticed.


How to Create a Focus Point

Using the same  colour (monochromatic) top and bottom creates a column of colour. This is slimming.
Different coloured shoes creates a foot focus.
Jewellery draws the eye back to my face.
If I wasn’t wearing the necklaces and earrings the focus would remain on the coloured shoes.

focus - brighter blue top

The jeans are lighter than the top so attention is drawn to my legs.
Shoe colour has been toned with my pants and blend with the jeans.
Tunic is brighter and darker than the bottom half.
Upward focus created with jewellery.

How to use Colour to Create a focus point

Red column of colour from shoes to top. No obvious focus.
Earrings and necklace create an upward focus.

How to Use Colour to Create a Focus Point

Combining a neutral dark dress with lighter brighter green colour repeated in shoes, cardigan & jewellery.
Using the same colour on your shoes creates a top and tail focus which is balanced.

How to use Colour to Create a Focus Point

The patterned coloured  pants are a focus and noticeable.
The lighter coloured top and repetition of the pink colour in the jewellery brings the focus back to my face.

How to Use Colour to Create A Focus Point

Wearing two patterned pieces my not fit with your Personality Style.
The higher contrast more sparse pattern of the pants draws attention first.
The eye is drawn upwards because of the repetition of colours in the top.
Wearing a necklace, scarf or neckline detail will help to create an upward focus.


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