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8 Prompts For Creating New Outfit Combinations

8 Prompts for Creating New Outfit Combinations



There are many  unworn outfit combinations in most people’s wardrobes. Let’s discover how to create more outfits with what you already have. Take some time to think about how you approach putting an outfit together. Your habits and routines when getting dressed can sometimes result in outfits being on repeat and many clothing items not being worn. When this happens you are missing out on many outfit possibilities that are hiding in your wardrobe.

The secret to creating more outfit possibilities is to explore and experiment. Wardrobes are much more than a storage space for clothing items and to wear more of your clothes most of the time you need to think outfits and not individual clothing items. Just by changing your getting dressed habits and routines you can put some spark and interest into what you wear.

Let’s look at some ways to explore and experiment to create more outfit possibilities by shopping in your wardrobe.

Try these starting prompts to assist in exploring and creating new outfit combinations and note the term clothing item refers to clothes, shoes, jewellery, scarves, bag, hats etc.

  • Choose an old favourite top / pants / shorts / skirt / dress to create an outfit. If you follow this prompt over a week you can potentially create 5 new combinations.
  • Take a favourite item of clothing and team it with something very rarely or not worn.
  • Select a coloured item of clothing first.
  • Find something that you haven’t worn since last season and create a different outfit.
  • Make your starting point a pair of shoes.
  • Choose a necklace, brooch, earrings, bangle as your starting piece.
  • Select a pattern piece of clothing and see what you can create.
  • Choose a favourite outfit and change one item to make it look and feel different.


When you are changing any habit or routine it takes time so it may be best to set aside time the night before or on the weekend to create some new outfits for the next week.

It is important to take notice of how you feel in different combinations and take photos of those outfits that worked for you. This is important because we can very easily forget what worked.



Examples of outfits that I created using the above outfit creating prompts.

Please note:- no photo of the last prompt because I forgot to take the photo. The outfit was the first one and I changed the shoes to a wedge black pair to wear out for dinner.


Outfit Combinations

Rediscovering Treasures

Rediscovering Treasures


There are treasures in your wardrobe that you have probably forgotten or can’t find in the overcrowded chaos. I guarantee that you have clothing in your wardrobe that you have forgotten and outfit combinations that you haven’t worn yet. It is time to go on a rediscovering treasures wardrobe hunt.

Over the last month life has been busy and I found I was reaching for the same outfits because I wasn’t giving myself time to play in my wardrobe.  I decided it was time to make the effort and  set myself the goal of wearing 4 outfits in the week consisting of at least one item that I hadn’t worn in the last 2 months.

Yes, I went treasure hunting in my wardrobe so I could rediscover and restyle forgotten and unworn clothing.


Outfit 1
Treasures rediscovered were the black sheer overtop and beads.

day 1

Outfit 2:
A few items were combined in this outfit.
The treasures were the cardigan, scarf and shoes.
The day I chose to wear this outfit was extremely cold so I went looking for and found the beanie style hat.

navy jeans  long top

 Outfit 3:
I rediscovered a pair of jeans in the back of the draw that had been overlooked for 12 months.
I styled my top with a Kimtuck which I hadn’t used in the last  month.


pink jacket

Outfit 4:
Sometimes a favourite item of clothing can get lost in the wardrobe if you don’t go looking for it. This was the case with the pink jacket.

Rediscovering Treasures hidden in your wardrobe is an opportunity to wear new outfits and move out of a style slump. Go shopping in your wardrobe next time you think you haven’t got anything to wear.




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