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8 Prompts For Creating New Outfit Combinations

8 Prompts for Creating New Outfit Combinations



There are many  unworn outfit combinations in most people’s wardrobes. Let’s discover how to create more outfits with what you already have. Take some time to think about how you approach putting an outfit together. Your habits and routines when getting dressed can sometimes result in outfits being on repeat and many clothing items not being worn. When this happens you are missing out on many outfit possibilities that are hiding in your wardrobe.

The secret to creating more outfit possibilities is to explore and experiment. Wardrobes are much more than a storage space for clothing items and to wear more of your clothes most of the time you need to think outfits and not individual clothing items. Just by changing your getting dressed habits and routines you can put some spark and interest into what you wear.

Let’s look at some ways to explore and experiment to create more outfit possibilities by shopping in your wardrobe.

Try these starting prompts to assist in exploring and creating new outfit combinations and note the term clothing item refers to clothes, shoes, jewellery, scarves, bag, hats etc.

  • Choose an old favourite top / pants / shorts / skirt / dress to create an outfit. If you follow this prompt over a week you can potentially create 5 new combinations.
  • Take a favourite item of clothing and team it with something very rarely or not worn.
  • Select a coloured item of clothing first.
  • Find something that you haven’t worn since last season and create a different outfit.
  • Make your starting point a pair of shoes.
  • Choose a necklace, brooch, earrings, bangle as your starting piece.
  • Select a pattern piece of clothing and see what you can create.
  • Choose a favourite outfit and change one item to make it look and feel different.


When you are changing any habit or routine it takes time so it may be best to set aside time the night before or on the weekend to create some new outfits for the next week.

It is important to take notice of how you feel in different combinations and take photos of those outfits that worked for you. This is important because we can very easily forget what worked.



Examples of outfits that I created using the above outfit creating prompts.

Please note:- no photo of the last prompt because I forgot to take the photo. The outfit was the first one and I changed the shoes to a wedge black pair to wear out for dinner.


Outfit Combinations

2 Easy Space Saving Travel Tips

2 easySpace Saving Packing Tips

2 Easy Space Saving Travel Tips

Last week I had lots of fun working with a client creating a travel capsule for a 5 week overseas holiday. We created a mix and match travel capsule made up of:-

  • 6 tops
  • 4 bottoms
  • 1 dress
  • 2 cardigans
  • 3 pair of shoes
  • 3 scarves

My client shared 2 easy space saving travel tips which provide an efficient way of organising your clothing for travelling.

Eagle Creek Pack It Folders – The image below shows how her clothing fitted into a small and medium Pack It Folder.

2 Easy Space Saving packing Tips

What did I Like about these Eagle Creek Pack it Folders?

  • come in different sizes
  • easy to use
  • lightweight
  • space saving as you can compress your clothing
  • provides an easy and efficient way to keep your clothing organised in your luggage
  • has a handle which means you can hang in a wardrobe or on a door when you reach your destination
  • easy to place in a drawer and keep clothes organised and easy to locate

Watch this video and see how they work.

Travel Underwear

The other tip Sue shared was related to the underwear she has taken on her last two overseas holidays. She was very impressed with Exofficio quick dry underwear. She found them to be:-

  • lightweight
  • space saving
  • very quick drying
  • comfortable
  • well worth the money

Click here to see the range of light weight, quick drying, space saving clothes available

Hope these 2 easy space saving travel tips make travelling easy for you.









Packing for a Holiday

Packing for a Holiday


Packing for a Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be a daunting task. How many times have you over packed for a holiday and only worn a small portion of what was in your suitcase? These tips outline a process for packing for a holiday that results in a selection of clothing that mixes and matches to create multiple outfits. Let’s look at how to create a travel wardrobe capsule that eliminates over packing.

Packing for a Holiday – What to think About?

Before you begin to think of packing you need to consider the following:-

  • length of your holiday
  • what temperature zone/s will you be visiting
  • what type of activities / events will you be involved in

The answers to these questions will provide you with direction as to what types of clothes you will need to consider packing.

Packing for a Holiday – Preparing a Travel Capsule

Your travel wardrobe needs to be a cohesive group of clothing that suit your holiday activities and climate.

All the items of clothing need to work together.

The key to preparing your travel wardrobe is to think outfits not just items of clothing. What you pack in your suitcase needs to be a mini wardrobe that coordinates and gives you versatility for the various activities you will be undertaking.

Your travel wardrobe needs:

  • a colour palette that can mix and match and is made up of neutrals and colours
  • outfits that can be dressed up and down with different accessories to suit different activities
  • clothing that you enjoy wearing
  • clothing that you feel comfortable in and fits well

To achieve this you need to put selected clothing items on the bed and try different combinations on to ensure you feel and look good in them.

The image below shows the travel capsule I packed for a recent holiday to Bryon Bay.

Packing for a Holiday Travel Capsule

These are the steps I followed to create this travel capsule.

  1. Selected a pair of favourite pants – the floral printed pairs.
  2. Chose 4 tops to go with these pants – 2 very casual tops and 2 tops that could be worn smart casual.
  3. Tried on all of these combinations to make sure I liked them and they all fitted.
  4. Tried on different shoes and accessories to go with these outfits and put those I liked to the side.
  5. Next I tried on and selected 3 more bottoms that coordinated with the chosen tops.
  6. Chose 2 jackets (long cardigan & shawl top) that could be worn with all outfits if I needed some warmth.
  7. Chose 1 x dress for travelling days.
  8. Selected 4 pairs of shoes  and accessories (not shown). I find culling shoes the hardest thing to do when packing for a holiday. I do like to take 3 but on this occasion I couldn’t make a decision. As I was travelling by car I didn’t have to consider weight.
  9. Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, earrings, bangles, belts  do not have to go with all outfits. I pack my accessories in plastic snack bags in colour groupings.
  10. Also included swimmers, toiletries and underwear.

This travel capsule gave me the choice of 16 outfits when I paired tops and bottom.

Teaming the jackets gave me another 32 different outfits.

Total outfits from the possible combinations comes to 58 outfits + 1 more when you add in the dress.

Packing for a Holiday – Did it Work?

Yes it did. I wore all the items packed except for the shawl top. I probably could have got away with 3 tops and bottoms but I like to have variety and choice.

Make packing for a holiday simple by creating a travel capsule.





Shop in Your Wardrobe- Wardrobe Tip 5

Untitled design


Your wardrobe is not just a storage place for your clothing. It is the place you go each day to get dressed so it needs to become your favourite place to shop. When your wardrobe is organised and you can SEE & REACH your clothing easily you need to get to know your wardrobe.

Getting dressed each day can be frustrating, time consuming and energy draining if you do not know how your clothes go together to create a look that works for you. What you need to do is take some time to PLAY in your wardrobe. I can hear you saying but I don’t have the time. By investing in some wardrobe play time then you will actually be saving time and frustrations every day.

Wardrobe play time involves trying on different combinations of your clothing, including shoes and accessories to create as many different outfits as you can. You are exploring the potential of your wardrobe and making it more versatile. You are looking at how different items in your wardrobe can go together as well as experimenting by dressing up and dressing down your outfits with different jewellery, scarves, shoes and even jackets, cardigans, shrugs.

From my experiences when working with clients many tend to not experiment and play dress ups. They tend to stick to the same combinations. There are probably many outfits in your wardrobe just waiting to be discovered.

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