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How to Upstyle an Outfit from Day to Night

How to update an outfit from day to night


The clothes we wear need to complement our lifestyle and be appropriate for various activities and occasions. Levels of Refinement refers to the different classification of clothing and accessories for different occasions from very informal and relaxed to formal.

The level of refinement is determined by:-

  • type of activity or occasion,
  • differences in fabric or material, shape and drape of material, textures and patterns.

Read more about levels of refinement here.

It is possible that you can take a casual outfit and upstyle it to create an outfit that can take you from a very relaxed day at home to lunch and then a dinner date. Let’s look at how I upstyled an outfit to take me from day to night.

How to upstyle an outfit from day to night

When I dressed in these pants and top it was for a very relaxed day at home. There was no jewellery or shoes and the top was hanging loose. As you can see it is not a flattering outfit because of the proportions and the hemline. The horizontal hemline is in line with the widest part of my body and is also cutting me in half.


When I received an invitation to lunch with a friend I added the necklace, earrings and sandals.

I also changed the unflattering hemline by using the half tuck method.

Just by adding  jewellery and using the half tuck this outfit became lunch ready.


How to upstyle an outfit from day to night


I had forgotten that I was also going out for tea so another upstyle of this outfit was required. By adding a different necklace, pair of shoes and long cardigan I became dinner ready.


three easy steps to upstyle an outfit:-

  • add accessories – earrings, brooch, necklace, bangle, scarf
  • add a third piece – jacket, cardigan, vest, kimino
  • change shoes to suit the activity

Play with your outfits to see how you can upstyle them for different activities and get more wear, value and versatility from them.

Know what you have in your wardrobe and wear it as much as possible.



How to Style Jeans for Work

ABC of Styling Jeans for Work


How to  Style Jeans for Work

Getting dressed for work can be frustrating and tricky especially if it is Casual / Dressed Down Friday. Remember when dressing for Casual Friday that you are still going to work and most work places have a dress code. It is important that you maintain a standard of dress that is appropriate for work and meets the dress code if there is one.  Dressing down or in a more casual manner for work is definitely not to be interpreted as casual weekend wear unless you work in a very relaxed work place. In some work places it seems as if some people interpret a casual/ dressed down look as anything goes. Casual Dress in the work place does not mean sloppy or inappropriate. Here is an ABC of How to Style your  Jeans for Work that outlines some guidelines to consider:-

A is for APPRORIATENESS and the look you are after is professional and stylish.

  • Ensure that the style and type of denim is suitable and of a good quality.
  • Avoid the too’s of denim – too baggy, too tight, too distressed, too holey and frayed, too much detailing, too low rise.
  • Dark denim without ornamentation or distressing presents are more relaxed business style.
  • Clarify whether jeans are an acceptable mode of dress for your workplace. All workplaces will differ in what they see as appropriate attire for their business.

B is for BALANCE

  • Your look needs to balance the work  dress code and your interpretation of casual.
  • Consider what activities you will be doing during the work day because this can impact on how professional you may need to look. If you have important meetings or presentations on Casual or Dress Down Friday it may not be appropriate to wear jeans.
  • Adding a more structured jacket to your jeans can lift the level of refinement.


  • Think about what messages the clothes you are wearing are giving out.
  • Look at your chosen outfit and consider the words that would describe how you look. Are those words related to a work look or a weekend, night out look?
How to Style Your Jeans for Work

When styling your jeans for work remember:-

  • Casual relaxed work attire is less structured and softer in appearance but needs to fit you well and be in good condition.
  • Darker denim is more work appropriate.
  • Adding a third piece such as a jacket, vest, shrug or cardigan (not bulky knits) can create a more work appropriate look.
  • A casual work look can incorporate more colour, patterns and brightness.
  • Small to medium sized jewellery is most appropriate for a work environment.
  • When deciding on what shoes to wear remember the more enclosed they are the more appropriate they will be. Occupational health and safety needs to be considered.

If you are wearing jeans to work you need to ensure that your look is work / office appropriate, friendly and professional. Relaxed, casual or dressed down does not mean sloppy and inappropriate.

How to Dress Up Jeans

Style Tips for Wearing Jeans


How to Dress Up Jeans

Jeans are a versatile item to have in your wardrobe for many reasons. There are many ways and reasons to wear jeans which include:-

  • come in a large variety of styles to suit all body shapes
  • can be styled for all personality types
  • are comfortable to wear especially with the introduction of stretch element
  • durable and have a long life span (just be aware that the style of jeans and how you are wearing them are not dating your look)
  • available in all prices ranges

Find Your Way to Wear, Enjoy and Dress up Jeans

What is there not to like about jeans. Let’s look at how you can style your jeans to suit your Style Personality and express who you are. What you put with your jeans is what makes a difference. Everyone expresses themselves through their clothing in different ways. It is through the choices of colours, patterns, prints, type of fabrics, silhouette created and choices of accessories that enables you to feel comfortable and look good in your outfit.  The different outfit combinations of these outfits pictured below show how the combination of different elements  outlined above create a unique look and feel.


Find a Way to Ensure Your Jeans Add Value and Versatility to Your Wardrobe


Jeans can be adapted to create different looks for various occasions and activities. They can be styled and worn for many different activities from extremely casual to smart casual. Quite often we can have a mind set that differentiates certain items of clothing in our wardrobes as being for play, casual, work, going out or best activities. This thinking is limiting the potential of your wardrobe becoming your day to day shopping boutique.


Jeans have the potential to be dressed up and dressed down for different lifestyle activities. Clothing has different levels of refinement and when you understand this you can style up or style down


The images below shows how this pair of jeans  can be styled for 3 very different occasions by choosing fabrics, styles, accessories that are from different levels of refinements:-

  1. Special Occasion Clothes  for formal, evening, business formal wear
  2. Every ay Clothes for work, going to lunch, dinner & many social activities 
  3. At Home, Sports, Gym, Hobbies Clothing
How to Dress Down _ Dress Up Your Jeans (2)

What are your tips for How to Dress Up Jeans?

How to Up Style Your Look

How to Style Every Day Casual


No matter what your preferred style of dressing you can make a few adjustments to an outfit to take it from day to night.

This outfit was inspired by the flower brooch which I have attached to a multi strand navy and black necklace. I wanted a casual and comfortable outfit to wear for an outing to IKEA with my god daughter. The colours in the brooch influenced my choices of pink Motto top and old favourite boyfriend jeans from Target. I have used the half tuck to create an asymmetrical hemline (which I love) and to create a more flattering proportional balance to the outfit. When worn out the top cuts me in half which is a far from flattering look. My navy shoes finished the outfit. These jeans are always worn cuffed because I like that look. Note that the line created when cuffing pants can create the illusion of shortening the legs. I usually wear shoes with a high vamp which covers most of my foot. This has always been a preference from an early age and I think it stems from me not liking the look of what I perceived to be long skinny feet.

Styling a top from day to night.


Tips on How to Up Style Your Look

A quick decision to go out for dinner had me upstyling my day outfit for night. I changed my jeans to my Lorna Jane slouch pants as well upscaling the look by choosing different earrings and necklace. You may not notice but I also changed my Audrey Avenue shoes from navy to black. I have difficulty finding heeled shoes that are comfortable so when I do find a pair that are ‘just right’ I will buy a couple of colours.

A wardrobe that you can mix and match for different occassions can extend the different outfit combinations you can create.


What is Your Day Off Style?

Day off style (1)

What is Your Day Off  Style?

What we wear speaks about who we are. Over the years the standard of dressing on the most part seems to have become more casual to suit our lifestyles.

When I was growing up my nanna instilled in me that you had at home clothes and going out clothes as well special occasion clothes and never the styles shall meet. My nanna would never leave the house in the clothes she had been wearing at home even if it was just to go to the corner shop or walk the 3 blocks to visit us. She would always change out of her house clothes, change her shoes, put on a necklace and add a splash of lipstick. I always admired how smart she looked especially when she didn’t have much money. What she did have was pride and respect for herself and others.

I love to dress down and thought I would share with you what this Personal Stylist is likely to be dressed in on her days off at home in winter.

At Home Style


This is my most favourite comfortable outfit but I would never wear it to the shops – sometimes I go to the letterbox in it. The other day my 3 year old friend looked at these pants and said “I don’t like these.” Obviously my grey striped men’s pj pants did not appeal to her sense of style which is pink and pretty. I am wearing it with my home made polar fleece oversized top (my version of a sweatshirt) and my biker boots.

If I need to venture out to I would make a few changes to this outfit. I have a few minimal style requirements if I am leaving the house. I do not even think about them now as they are just habit and don’t take any time. It makes a difference for and to me.


  • wear a splash of lipstick
  • add earrings and necklace or scarf
  • no runners or slippers
  • change pants if wearing pj’s or old daggy sweatpants

If I happen to leave the house on a quick errand and haven’t attended to the items on this list I feel very uncomfortable and not right and pray that I don’t run into anyone who knows me.

This is how I would change this outfit  if I needed to go to the local shops for something – (perhaps chocolate).


Casual Jeans Styling


I need to look and feel presentable and appropriate and this it what works for me

Being casual doesn’t mean you can’t look and be stylish.

I read this statement today Dress how you want to addressed. (Source Instagram If the way you are dressing is not giving you JOY then it might be time to make some small changes and experiment to style up your look.

Do you have a minimal style look checklist for leaving the house? Would love to know.

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