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What is STYLE?

What is Style?



Style is unique and personal. When referring to style in terms of dressing it is about how you combine your clothing so that it balances and harmonises with your personal and physical characteristics. Sometimes style and fashion are seen as the same thing. Here are some thoughts about fashion and style.

  • Style is not found in the shops. You find individual fashion items in the shops. If chosen wisely these can become tools for creating your own unique style and look.
  • You can only have style if you are young and have a great body. This is definitely a false statement. Every woman no matter their size, shape and age can be stylish.
  • Style isn’t something you are born with. Some woman may be more interested in clothing and have an innate ability to create stylish outfits just like some can create great meals without a recipe. Discovering your style can be learnt just like any other skill. There are ways to develop your knowledge and understanding of yourself to discover your Style Recipe or the Stepping Stones to Create Your Style.
  • Style is very individual and always evolving whereas fashion is forever changing and easily discarded and outdated. Following fashion usually results in having clothes in your wardrobe that were purchased on impulse and not worn.
  • Style is not about following a predetermined set of rules. It’s discovering the style guidelines that align with your personal and physical characteristics to create enhancing outfits for your lifestyle requirements.
  • Style does not come from having a wardrobe full of clothes, wearing the most expensive clothes or the latest fashion. It is about having the clothes that balance, harmonise and coordinate with you to create outfits that look and feel great.

Great style comes in many different forms and looks. Have you looked at someone and thought – “She looks great but I wouldn’t wear that.” The next time you notice a stylish look take notice of how the individual pieces have been put together to create a balanced and harmonious look that relates to the wearer. When I work in my clients’ wardrobes I have noticed a missing link. This missing link for my clients is  how to create outfits that truly represent who they are. It is not just about what you are wearing but how you are combining all your clothing items.

YOU are the most important element in discovering your style. The women that I work with discover their style & colour guidelines that create their unique style look. They then have the knowledge and confidence to dress and shop to ensure their wardrobe adds joy to their life by supporting their personal, social and professional story. They gain confidence and can step out each day with confidence and a smile.

“Never confuse fashion and style.

Fashion relies on attainable looks on women with unrealistic bodies.

STYLE is about utilizing the best aspects of YOU.”

Stacy London






Dressing for Your Body Shape

Dressing for your body shape


Dressing for your body shape can make a difference to how you look and feel. There are many elements that come together to create a flattering and stylish outfit. This post looks at the importance of the silhouette – how the shape and fit of your clothing relates to your body.

Choosing clothing that fits and follows your body shape is important.  It is not the size on the label that counts. Clothing that clings tends to emphasize any lumps and bumps you may have. I call these bits my jobbly bits because they wobble and jiggle.

Clothing that is too tight and clingy is not enhancing your look. It creates a focal point by focusing attention on the areas you would rather others not notice. The look you want is one where your clothing drapes and skims  over your body but not clings to it.

Consider these points when deciding whether a piece of clothing is enhancing your shape.

  • Fabric impacts on the clinginess or draping effect of clothing. Just because a fabric has stretch in it doesn’t mean it is not going to cling. Ensure you look in a mirror taking in the view from front, back and sides – just like driving a car – look in all directions 
  • What you wear under your top or dress can make a difference. A good fitting bra is essential to ensuring  that you do not have overhang from the top or bottom of the back strap. This is definitely an area where you will get unsightly clinging if your bra does not fit properly.
  • Take notice of how any bra details such as lace and seams impact on your outfit. It is never a good look to see the seams or lacy pattern of your bra through your clothing.
  • Make sure your bra type suits the clothing you are wearing. There is not one bra that suits all tops or dresses. There are a variety of bras available so choose one that suits your the top or dress you are wearing. It is never flattering to see bra straps or backs exposed.
  • The colour of your bra also has an impact especially when wearing white. The best bra colour to wear under white or light clothing is nude – never white. Wearing a camisole  or slip dress under your t-shirts or  dresses can  be flattering by reducing the impact of possible clinginess.
  • Wearing a bra that supports and uplifts will always be the most flattering. When your bra lifts and supports your waist can appear more defined.
REMEMBER THE GOLDILOCK’S PRINCIPLE – Make sure the outfit you are wearing enhances how you look and feel by being ‘JUST RIGHT.’
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