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How Can Vertical Lines Impact on Your Look?

How Can vertical Lines Impact on Your Look?



Vertical lines can have a positive effect on your look and style as they have the power to create an optical illusion that can create a lengthening and slimming effect.  Our eyes travel more quickly up and down vertical lines and this means that the eye is drawn upward thus elongating your look. When you understand how to dress for your body shape and proportions you can use vertical detailing and lines to create an enhancing outfit.

1. Vertical Details in Construction

Next time you choose an item of clothing take notice to the vertical detailing that it has. There are many different ways vertical detailing can be expressed in clothing such as:-

  • seams
  • pleats
  • zips
  • single breasted buttoned fronts
  • vertical stripes (width and colour combination of the stripes can influence your look in different ways)
  • folds created by the way the fabric drapes and hangs
  • pintucks
  • trouser seams and creases
  • vertical panelling

2. Vertical Details in Your Outfit

Vertical details can be created by the way you put your outfit together.

  • Wearing a monochromatic colour scheme. A monochromatic colour scheme is one that consists of tones of the same colour. When you wear a monochromatic colour scheme you are creating a continuous line of colour with no colour breaks to interupt the eye . This creates a lengthening and slimming effect.

How can Vertical Lines Impact on Your Look - Monochromatic Colour Schemes


  • Accessories such as scarves, earrings  and necklaces also can create a vertical line.

How can Vertical Lines Impact on Your Look - necklaces, earrings, scarves


  • A handbag shoulder strap also can create the illusion of lengthening in the top half of the body. Be aware of where the bulk of your bag stops in terms of your body. You don’t want to add any bulk to an area of your body that you don’t want to draw attention to such as bust, tummy, hips or even thighs.

How Can Vertical Lines Impact on Your Look - Shoulder Strap


  • An open cardigan, jacket  or vest will break your body up into thirds and create two vertical lines. This will be more flattering if the opening is not too wide. I have tried on many cardigans that fall on the outside of my breasts and this tends to make me look and feel wider. A more flattering effect is when the body appears to be more evenly divided.

How can vertical Lines Impact on your Look - Open Cardiga


  • Toning your shoe colour with the colour of your pants or skintone (if wearing skirts or dresses) will also create a continuous line and draw the eye upward. (I do not own a pair of nude / skin colour shoes because I haven’t found any that matched my preferred shoe style).How can Vertical lines impact on Your Look - Tone Shoe Colour to outfit

3. Vertical Stripes – What to be Aware Of 

Not all vertical stripes are created equal. The colour combination and width of the stripes can impact differently.

  • Narrower stripes lengthen.
  • Larger stripes widen.
  • Low contrast colours – These are colours that sit close to each other in terms of their lightness or darkness and can be more slimming.
  • High Contrast colours – These are colours that are light and dark (eg:- black and white) will be more noticeable and attract more attention.

How can Vertical Lines Impact on your Look - vertical stripes


4. Vertical Details – Creating Body Balance

Dressing your body in a way that enhances your look is about balancing your body shape and body proportions. Using vertical details can support the creation of balance in the following way.

Most of us have an area of the body that tends to be the place where we experience more weight gain. The area/s of our body where we tend to experience weight gain is generally a proportionally shorter area on the body.

Your body proportions could be:-

  1. longer body, shorter legs
  2. shorter body, longer legs
  3. balanced top and bottom but proportionally shorter from the bust to knees (this is me)
  4. balanced top and bottom.
  • Vertical detailing placed on your shorter area/s  will create the illusion of lengthening and balance.
  • Using vertical detailing throughout your outfit is a way of appearing taller.
  • Low contrast, narrow stripes can be great for someone who wishes to appear slimmer.
  • High contrast, wider stripes  can give the illusion of more width and work well for petites or those that want a look that creates curves.

Vertical detailing in your clothing can be your best friend. Take notice of the vertical detailing in your clothing and notice what is doing for your look.

A professional consultation is a great way to understand how to dress your body shape and proportions to discover






How Can a Personal Stylist Help You?

How Can A Personal Stylist Help You?



I often get asked ‘What does a Personal Stylist do’? Many people are unaware of what a Personal Stylist actually does. They think a Personal Stylist is only for celebrities and just takes you shopping. This is definitely not the case.

A Personal Stylist can add much value and contribute positively to how you feel everyday. The reasons women seek out the assistance of a Personal Stylist include:-

  •  tired of spending money on clothing they do not wear,
  •  hate clothes shopping,
  • unsure what clothing suits them,
  • wear the same clothes on rotation and feel bored and frustrated,
  • have many clothes in the wardrobe but still can’t find anything to wear,
  • struggle to make outfits with the clothing in their wardrobe,
  • don’t know what is appropriate dress for certain situations,
  • have a wardrobe that is dated and not current,
  • not happy with the way they look,
  • tired of wasting money on clothes they don’t wear,
  • want assistance to declutter their wardrobe and discover what they have,
  • discover the colours that work best for them and always makes them look healthy and radiant,
  • have many clothes in their wardrobe that fit but when they put them on take them off again and don’t wear them,
  • feel the need to make a positive change with their visual image.

Working with a Personal Stylist  is not about:-

  • fashion and trends,
  • spending lots of money 
  • having a quick make over following rules and looking like everyone else or your favourite celebrity.
How Can a Personal Stylist help You?

Working with A Personal Stylist is about:-

  • understanding your uniqueness – the person behind the clothes
  • discovering how the clothes you wear can tell your individual story of who you are,
  • knowing how to dress your physical assets in an enhancing way to highlight your best features,
  • understanding the colours that harmonise with your complexion and how to use colour for dressing to create a focus and impact,
  • maximising the clothes you wear by being able to dress your outfits  up and down for the occasion,
  • creating a wardrobe of clothing that can easily be coordinated in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your lifestyle,
  • gaining greater body confidence and self acceptance,
  • having the knowledge and confidence to style an outfit in many ways for different purposes,
  • shopping with purpose because you know what’s in your wardrobe and know what you need to fill the gaps,
  • being able to get dressed each day with less frustration and wardrobe melt downs,
  • self care.                                                             
A Personal Stylist can give you

The Most Flattering Length


The Most Flattering Length 


Finding the most flattering length for your hems is so important. This post looks at the elements to find the most flattering length for tops, shirts, jackets, dresses and skirts.

Hemlines on your clothing create a horizontal line across your body and can be flattering or unflattering to your shape. Where your sleeves, tops, jackets, skirts, dresses and pants end has an impact on your outfit and overall appearance. 

Your body shape and proportions play an important part when choosing the most flattering hemline. 

THE GOLDEN LINE RULE applies to arms, busts, waists, hips, thighs, calves.


Horizontal lines have the potential to widen.

  • If  you have a large bust it could be better to avoid stopping your sleeve length in line with your bust as this will only widen the look of this area. I
  • f you have a smaller bust than stopping your sleeve at your bust can have an enhancing effect.
  • Avoid stopping the hemline of a top at the fullest part of your arms. Make the length either above or below your widest part.
  • Diagonal hemlines for short sleeves can be more enhancing than straight hemlines as you they do not create a horizontal line.
  • Wearing 3/4 sleeves or pushing your long sleeves up your arms is most flattering as it can give the illusion of a longer and slimmer look.
  • Long sleeves are best hemmed at wrist level when your arms are at your side. Don’t forget to check where the hemline is sitting and if this is positioned at your narrowest or widest part of your hip / thigh area.
  • If you do not have a defined waist than stopping your top / jacket at this point will not be flattering. Experiment by trying just above or below the waist.
  • Experiment with the placement of the hemline of your tops / jackets around the hip area. Your narrowest point may be at the top, middle or bottom of the hip area. See which looks and feels best.
  • Asymmetrical and curved hemlines can be flattering
  • The most universally flattering length for all shapes, sizes & heights is just above, at or below the knee. 
  • Many people forget to consider what happens to their dress / skirt length when they sit down. For most situations, especially  for work,  the length needs to be no more than 2 cms above the knee.
  • Knee length can have the effect of elongating your legs especially if you wear shoes that tone with your legs or tights. This length suits most people but particularly those with shorter legs.
  • If you are wanting a longer length, midi / calf length then  make sure you hem above or below the widest part of your calf.
  • Longer lengths can sometimes create a more aging look  If you have shorter legs then a longer length will not be as flattering. 
  • Asymmetrical and curved hemlines can be flattering.

REMEMBER when thinking hemlines BEWARE OF YOUR WIDEST POINTS and take care to notice where your hemlines end.

Altering your hemlines to FIND THE MOST FLATTERING LENGTH can have a positive impact on how your outfit looks and feels.

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