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How to Upstyle an Outfit from Day to Night

How to update an outfit from day to night


The clothes we wear need to complement our lifestyle and be appropriate for various activities and occasions. Levels of Refinement refers to the different classification of clothing and accessories for different occasions from very informal and relaxed to formal.

The level of refinement is determined by:-

  • type of activity or occasion,
  • differences in fabric or material, shape and drape of material, textures and patterns.

Read more about levels of refinement here.

It is possible that you can take a casual outfit and upstyle it to create an outfit that can take you from a very relaxed day at home to lunch and then a dinner date. Let’s look at how I upstyled an outfit to take me from day to night.

How to upstyle an outfit from day to night

When I dressed in these pants and top it was for a very relaxed day at home. There was no jewellery or shoes and the top was hanging loose. As you can see it is not a flattering outfit because of the proportions and the hemline. The horizontal hemline is in line with the widest part of my body and is also cutting me in half.


When I received an invitation to lunch with a friend I added the necklace, earrings and sandals.

I also changed the unflattering hemline by using the half tuck method.

Just by adding  jewellery and using the half tuck this outfit became lunch ready.


How to upstyle an outfit from day to night


I had forgotten that I was also going out for tea so another upstyle of this outfit was required. By adding a different necklace, pair of shoes and long cardigan I became dinner ready.


three easy steps to upstyle an outfit:-

  • add accessories – earrings, brooch, necklace, bangle, scarf
  • add a third piece – jacket, cardigan, vest, kimino
  • change shoes to suit the activity

Play with your outfits to see how you can upstyle them for different activities and get more wear, value and versatility from them.

Know what you have in your wardrobe and wear it as much as possible.



How to Style a New Purchase – Part 2

Add a third piece

In part 2 of How to Style a New Purchase I look at more ways to add variety and versatility to this skirt and top so that it I can wear and enjoy it in as many ways as possible. How to Style a New Purchase Part 1 looked at using accessories to create dressed up and dressed down outfits for different occasions.





Adding this vest creates texture and layering elements to this skirt and top. The colour in this outfit is only in my accessories.


A jacket adds colour, interest and a much needed layer for the autumn weather. The colour and style of  the jacket changes the look and feel of the outfit. I have added a scarf to the plum jacket tied in a way that resembles a collar.


The third piece in this outfit is a scarf tied to create a form of cape which is great for night wear.


A cardigan is another great third piece which creates a different feel and look to this skirt and top.

When you shop in your wardrobe and experiment with combining your clothes you can discover many ways to wear them. I have now found another 5 different ways to wear this new skirt and top. Taking photos of your outfits ensures that you have a collection of outfit inspirations for those days when you need.

Have a look in your wardrobe at your jackets, cardigans, scarves and vests and see how you can add them to your outfits.

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