Did you know that your bra plays an important part in how you look?

  • The size and type of  bra you wear can either enhance or hinder how your outfit looks and feels.
  • Wearing a bra that fits well can transform an outfit and your look. A well fitting bra which lifts your breast will certainly make a difference to the silhouette of your outfit.
  • Wearing the correct bra can create the illusion of some waist definition for those of us who may never have had a waist or have found it disappearing.

Shopping for a bra can be very time consuming and frustrating. I have always hated bra shopping until I had a personal fitting and now it is easy. Even though shopping for  bras is much easier now I still do not like wearing them. I only wear a bra for modesty reasons and because it can make a huge difference to my appearance.

It is worth thinking about what your bra is doing for you and the look of your outfit? 

When choosing a bra there are a number of aspects to consider:-

  • correct size is important for comfort, support and look
  • what style of bra do you need for your different outfits 
  • choice of bra is also dependent on your style personality – this relates to colour, style, detailing, comfort, matching or unmatching sets and fabrics.

This article outlines some great  tips about bras.

When putting an outfit together don’t forget to consider what bra creates the most enhancing look and take note of what is your bra doing for your outfit.

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