Three Steps to Move Out of a Style Slump


In our present Covid world much has changed for everyone. As our lives have been transformed into restricted social interactions and working from home the need to get up and not get dressed to leave the house has impacted upon our daily dressing routine. This has led to me having many conversations with women who feel they are in a style slump. Getting dressed each day has become “it doesn’t matter what I wear” and may have resulted in a reach and grab approach to dressing. It is very easy to lose contact with yourself under these circumstances.

What and how we dress can make a difference to how we feel and appreciate ourselves. A very important question to ask yourself is “How is my daily dressing making me feel?”
What you wear does matter and can influence your self acceptance, self worth, confidence and happiness. I am definitely not advocating that we get dressed in our best clothes every day unless you want to. Let’s look at some ways to shift the focus from style slump to style refresh.

1. Do You Have a Wardrobe HOTSPOT?

Many people have a wardrobe hotspot. This is your preferred go to spot to get your clothing or replace clothing in your wardrobe. This can result in a narrow focus of the clothing in your wardrobe and result in a few items of clothing being on rotation. This can lead to thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” and boredom. You can easily lose sight of what clothing is in your wardrobe when you are looking through the HOTSPOT lens. It is very easy to get into this habit if your wardrobe is not organised.

This was a big problem in my wardrobe until I established an organisation system based on clothing categories and colour. An organised wardrobe gives you the opportunity to oversee all of your clothing and remind you of clothing that has been tucked away out of sight and unworn. It is much easier to explore outfit possibilites when your wardrobe is organised.

If you aren’t inclined or don’t have the time to organise your wardrobe you can put your clothes on rotation. Every week or 2 you could put a different group of clothes together in your hotspot so that you can create different outfits.

2. Are Your Outfits on REPEAT?

It can be easy to fall into the style trap of wearing the same outfit combinations in the same way especially during COVID restrictions. There is nothing wrong with repeat wearing an outfit combination if it makes you feel and look good both on the inside and outside.A good question to ask yourself is – “How are my outfits making me feel?”

When we are not interacting with others it is very easy to fall into a pattern of dressing without caring. Getting dressed in a comfortable and relaxed way does not have to mean the same old outfit or sloppy look. Think about the impact your present dressing style is having on how you feel.

Take some time to think about how you want your outfit to look and feel even if you are not leaving the house. The words that are generated from this can guide you in selecting different clothing to create different outfits. Think of an outfit you love to wear and break it down into:- colours, fabrics, accessories, types of clothing combinations, shoes etc. You can then take this information to create an outfit that has you feeling good. This can become your outfit map.

Sometimes it might only be a small change that creates a positive impact on how you feel. Just by replacing your ugg boots with a pair of sneakers can make a big difference to how you might feel.

My outfit map includes colour + neutrals, bottoms (jeans, tights, pants), tops (polar fleece, asymmetrical hemlines, jumpers, long  cardigans and jacket, scarves  & earrings & most items in stretch fabric.

I wear a scarf every day at the moment. When I am working at home I have found that  wearing my earrings helps me be more work focused. I cannot work in my beloved ugg boots but love getting into my flannel men’s pj’s and dressing gown (affectionately called my ball gown) at the end of the day.

3. What is HIDING in Your Wardrobe?

Take Yourself on a Wardrobe Hunt. Now could be a great time to go exploring and experimenting in your wardrobe. Take yourself shopping in your own wardrobe and rediscover the lost clothing treasures that are hiding. Play dress ups and create complete outfits. This could be a great time to cull the clothing that is no longer meeting your needs.


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