Principle of Volume

Have you heard of Principles of Volume? This can be an important element when styling your outfits.

Outfits need to look balanced. Trying to style an outfit with one fuller or more voluminous item can be difficult. To achieve a balanced, harmonious and flattering look you need to consider the Principles of Volume.

Principles of Volume relates to the overall silhouette / shape of the items combined as in tops and bottoms. Tops, skirts and pant shapes can be voluminous or slim.  For there to be balance and harmony in an outfit  you need to wear a voluminous top with slim line pants/skirts and vice versa Рwear a slim top with a more voluminous skirt or pants. This guideline creates more shape and does not result in a boxy look.

As in most things there are always exceptions. Personality Styles play a major part in how we like to wear our clothing. If your Personality Style includes Dramatic, Creative or Rebellious as mine does you may not follow the Principles of Volume guideline because you feel most comfortable when stretching or breaking the rules and like to create a look that is different to everyone else.

The following is one of my favourite outfits that combines 2 voluminous items of clothing. When I wear this I always feel liberated, free and very comfortable.

Principle of Volume Outfit

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  1. I love this look on you, Kim! I love playing with volume, but do it a bit differently as I am petite. I can pull of a boxy, wide top with a wide leg pant if the fabric is light, silky and follow the curve of my silhouette. Those of you who have been blessed with height have a few more options. I loved the belted top you showed in the illustrations above and tend to follow these combinations, occasionally I will break free and pair volume over volume…the wedges I wear will have more height to them, though. Love this..thanks for porsting

    • Thanks Lisa. It can be tricky but fun to wear. The fabric does make a difference to the look as you have said.

  2. I adore volume on volume:) And this is such a cool look. Managing the proportions is tricky but there are ways of making it work. And I agree rules can be and sometimes should be broken. Volume on volume isn’t always conventionally flattering but it can make for some dramatic and interesting outfits.

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