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How to be Creative with Your Style


Loved this quote by Albert Einstein and how applicable it was to dressing and how to be creative with your style.

Every day we get dressed and create an outfit. If you are feeling that you are in a style slump and need some direction to give your outfit a lift then it is time to get creative. When I say this I am not talking about being flamboyant, wearing lots of colours or being way out there unless that is your Personality Style and within your comfort zone.

No matter what your Personality Style you can find a way to add your own individual edge to your outfits so that you have choices that add value and versatility to your wardrobe.

Some of you are probably saying ‘I am not creative.’ What I am talking about here is finding your own level of creativity that enables you to experiment and try something different to create outfits which are within your comfort zone.

When we wear the same outfits in the same way it can be mundane and boring and make us think that we need to go shopping to buy something different. I believe that if you look in your wardrobe with an open mind you will be able to put together outfit combinations you haven’t worn before. Taking the time to do this is worth it.

Here are some ways to start experimenting and add your own sense of creativity to getting dressed.

  1. Combine a top and bottom that you haven’t worn before.
  2. Create a focal point in your portrait area by adding a brooch, earrings, necklace or scarf.
  3. Combine 2 necklaces together. Even if you are a Classic Personality Style you can try wearing two chains of different lengths together to create a more creative classic look.
  4. Try combining different textures together. Even if you wear neutrals or outfits in one colour you can create interest by combining different textures.
  5. Experiment with wearing prints and patterns. Combine a patterned top (spots, stripes, florals with a plain bottom or vice versa). You can even combine two patterns together. Why not try putting a spotted scarf on with a striped top.

Have some fun trying new ways to wear your clothing and accessories that reflect your Personality Style.

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