Why are You Shopping?


Getting dressed to suit changes in seasons can sometimes be very frustrating. Change of season is usually a great time to hit the shops and stock up on items for the coming season and changes in weather conditions. Before you go rushing off to the shops STOP and THINK about these questions.

  1. Why are you shopping?
    The purpose of your shopping trip can determine the outcome of your shopping experience. There can be many reasons why you go shopping.
    Is it to:-
    – fill in time?
    – just look and see what is in the shops?
    – make a purchase as a reward for something well done or as a pick me up?
    – have an outing with friends?
    – look for specific items to fill the gaps in your wardrobe?
  2. What are you shopping for?
    If you are shopping without a purpose and with the expectation to purchase an item of clothing then it is quite possible that any purchases you make will end up taking up valuable wardrobe space and not add value to what you already have. Impulse buys quite often become clothing orphans  because they may not mix and match with the other  items in your wardrobe to make an outfit.  When shopping always THINK OUTFITS NOT ITEMS OF CLOTHING.
  3. How prepared are you?
    In order to know what you are shopping for you need to know what you have in your wardrobe for the upcoming season that still fits, flatters and suits your lifestyle needs. So take the time to look at the clothing from last year and organise your wardrobe so you can easily SEE and REACH items. Out of season clothing is best stored  in another location so it lessens the clutter in your warbrobe. Your preparation needs to include all accessory items – jewellery, hats, bags, shoes, belts and shoes. Make a list of the items you need to purchase to fill in the making outfit gaps.
  4. What are you taking shopping with you?
    It can save time, money and effort if you are prepared for your shopping outing.
    Do not leave home without a physical or mental note of what you are looking for to ensure that what you purchase adds value and versatility to create outfits.
    Prioritise your needs.
    If you are looking for an item to go with something else – eg a top to go with a pair of pants then wear or take those pants with you.
    This applies to buying shoes as well because hem lengths can vary according to the heel height. You can always take a hem up but not often can you let it down.
    If you have a colour swatch don’t leave home without it. This ensures a mix and match wardrobe.
    Wear a good bra because this makes a big difference to the fit of your tops, dresses, jackets.
    Know what your budget is.
  5. What are your expectations?
    Not every shopping trip needs to result in purchases. The expectation of always buying something when shopping is what results in a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Make every purchase contribute to your style, look and lifestyle.





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