What Do You Do With New Purchases?



The question ‘What do you do with new purchases?’ has been on my mind for quite a while.

When I go into my clients’ wardrobes I often find many unworn clothing items. Some are still in plastic bags or hanging with tags still attached. Many of these purchases have been forgotten once they were put in the wardrobe.

Take a minute to think about what you do with new purchases. Let’s look at ways we can ensure that new purchases are not left unworn and unloved in the wardrobe. It is what you do in the shops, change room and when you get home that determines whether your new purchases make a valuable contribution to your wardrobe or not.


  • Before you purchase an item try it on and make sure it fits and feels right. Ask the important question ‘How does it feel?’ Sometimes clothes can fit you and look good but may not feel right. If it doesn’t feel right in the shop it won’t feel right at home.
  • Think about whether the item has a place in your wardrobe.
    – Do you have something similar to this in your wardrobe? Many people forget that they have multiple items of some clothing.
    – What can you wear with it to make an outfit? (I like to think of at least 3 outfits that I can make with the new purchase.)
    – When can you wear it? You will only wear something if it fits with your lifestyle.
  • Can I dress this up and down to suit different activities?


  • Introduce the new clothing item to it’s wardrobe friends. Take the time to create at least one new outfit combination. Having a planned outfit means you are less likely to have a wardrobe meltdown in the morning when getting dressed. Mornings are usually chaotic and hurried so you are less likely to create a new outfit on the spot when time is precious.
  • Cut tags off.
  • Place the new purchase in a spot where you can see it so that you remember to wear it. Once you have enjoyed wearing  an item of clothing it will not be forgotten. (I hang the new purchase on the back of my wardrobe door and put it into the wardrobe after I have worn it.)
  • Plan to wear the new purchase within the next two weeks.

You only get value out of what you buy if you wear it. Make sure what you put into your wardrobe adds value, versatility and variety to what you already have.


Here is an outfit I wore today combining two new purchases – black and blue tunic style top and a long line black cardigan. Today I had the opportunity to wear both of these purchases together and I know I will be reaching for them again.

What Do You Do With New Purchases?





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