Make Your Style Statement

Make Your Style Statement


What you wear has the power to enable you to feel comfortable and confident being YOU.

Style is more than having clothes in your wardrobe.

It is having the ‘right’ clothes for:-

who you are,

your NOW body,

your Lifestyle – personal, family, social and professional,

your goals in life.


– Understand how your personality style relates to your clothing styles, fabrics, accessories and colour choices so your outfits express who you are and feel ‘just right’ not ‘it’ll do.’

– Dress your NOW body by knowing where to place detail (lines, colour, patterns, accessories) on your body to highlight or keep plain so as not to draw attention to an area – dress your assets.

– Recognise the ideal length for tops, sleeves, dresses, skirts and pants to flatter and balance your body proportions.

– Choose necklines, accessories, prints and patterns, glasses and hairstyle that harmonise and balance your total look.

– Know what clothing you need in your wardrobe to support and enhance your present lifestyle and directions.

– Maximise the value and versatility of your clothing by applying the Principle of Level of Refinement to dress up or dress down  to create more outfits with less items.

– See your body in a different light, accept and make friends with it and stop the body blaming game when you look and feel great in your unique put together style statement.

– Make a lasting impression by knowing how to dress for your style personality, lifestyle, body shape and features.

Make a positive and powerful difference in how you look and feel every day.

Individual Consultation:  Make Your Style Statement $285.00   3hrs
                                            (includes style guide booklet)

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