Confident Style – Your Way Every Day

Find Your Style in Your Wardrobe

Did you know that most people wear only 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.


Let’s go shopping in your wardrobe.

Dressing is a way of life so make it fun, easy and enjoyable by inviting Individually You to Work Your Wardrobe with you.

Think of your wardrobe as a place that holds outfits not just items of clothing.


  • Ensure your wardrobe brings JOY into your life by supporting your personal, professional and social story.
  • Avoid making future shopping mistakes by looking at the clothes you do not wear to determine why you are not wearing them.
  • Take away the dread of opening those wardrobe doors every morning.
  • Create an organised wardrobe space where you can easily SEE, FIND and REACH all the clothing items you need to create your daily outfits.
  • Get dressed without frustrations and what I call Wardrobe Meltdown.
  • Have fun playing dress ups in your wardrobe while we create outfit combinations that balance and enhance how you feel and look.
  • Understand the style elements that are the right ‘fit’ for you to have Confident Style Your Way Every Day.
  • Add value and versatility to your wardrobe by discover how to create 72 outfits from 12 items of clothing.
  • Have a daily style inspiration guide by referring  to the photos of your new styled outfit combinations.
  • Break the cycle of having a wardrobe full or clothes and nothing to wear.
  • Know what updates you need in your wardrobe to FILL THE GAPS and create stylish outfits.
  • Create a wardrobe that becomes your magic place of style inspiration.

Get dressed every day without the stress – shop in your personalised wardrobe boutique.

Individual Consultation:  Find Your Style in Your Wardrobe  $285.00 3 hours

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