Be Colour Confident

Be Colour Confident


The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.”
Coco Chanel

Colour is important. The colours you wear are reflected onto your face. When you wear colours that do not complement and harmonise with your hair, complexion and skin you can look tired, older, ill, washed out and not your best.

The Absolute Colour System is an innovative draping method with 18 colour swatches to determine the value, intensity and undertone of the colours that work best for you ensuring you look vibrant, healthy and even younger.


– Look vibrant, healthier, glowing and even younger by wearing the colours that compliment your skin tone, eyes and hair.

– Step out with confidence everyday wearing colour combinations that ensure you look your best even on those days when you are tired or unwell.

– Use colour in your outfits to create focus points to highlight your best features and hide those you don’t want to noticed.Make the most of your current wardrobe by knowing how to combine colours (including colours that are not in your swatch) to create outfits that allow you to shine. Now you might wear those orphans in your wardrobe.

– Dress to enhance your physical self by applying the colour guidelines that work best for your body shape,
proportions and variation.

– Discover the colours that are uniquely yours (called signature colours) and how to use them These colours truly make your glow..

Create mix and match outfit combinations because the colours you buy work together.

– Combine your colours in a way that harmonises and balances with your own value and colour contrast to create your ideal look.

– Discover your Colour Personality and understands the colours that make you feel you.

– Take the frustration out of finding the right make up colours by using your swatch.

– Save money by buying clothes and accessories that will be friends with the other clothing in your wardrobe.

– Save time and effort getting dressed each day by creating a colour coordinated mix and match wardrobe.

Wearing the right colours means you look great even on your worst day.

Individual Consultation:  Be Colour Confident        $285.00     2½ hours
                                                 (includes colour swatch and colour guide booklet)

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