There is one all important question to ask yourself when you are standing in front of the mirror looking at a possible new purchase. My latest shopping experience reinforced how important this question is. This is my shopping story.

At the weekend  I went to look for an outfit for an upcoming formal event. I do not attend many events that require formal attire so a shopping trip was needed. I saw this beautiful Sacha Drake dress pictured above and admired it greatly but placed it back on the rack because it wasn’t a style I normally wear. After trying on a number of outfits the shop assistant brought me the Sacha Drake dress. I decided to try it on because I had been attracted to it and was curious as to how it would look.

I put it on and when I walked out of the dressing room the shop assistant and three customers all made this comment “WOW, that looks great on you.”

I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised because it did look really good on me BUT I wasn’t thinking WOW and something wasn’t right. The sales assistant asked “What do you think?” and was somewhat taken aback when I said, “Yes it does look good but doesn’t feel right.” Her response was “What do you mean, it looks great and fits well.” I tried to explain to her that I felt constricted and uncomfortable around my middle. No it wasn’t too tight but because the material was woven it didn’t have any give and it  felt like I was in a corset. She clearly was not liking what I was saying and told me that after having the dress on for 10 minutes I would be fine because it looked so good. I knew I wouldn’t ever feel comfortable in this beautiful dress because it did not feel right. There was so much chatter from those people around me reinforcing what the sales assistant was saying that I actually felt like screaming out’- “You are not listening to me, this is about me, not just how the dress looks.

Good fit  is not the only element that contributes to making an outfit JUST RIGHT.

The all important question that you need to ask yourself is:- HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL?

This dress, no matter how beautiful it was, wouldn’t ever make me feel good because I love and need to wear fabrics that move with me and do not constrain me in anyway. Most of my clothing especially the more fitted styles are all in stretch fabrics.  When something doesn’t feel right it means that it isn’t meeting one of the elements that contribute to your Personal Style. Your Personality Style is uniquely yours and needs to be considered when shopping.

I did not buy anything but this was a successful shopping trip because I did not make a purchase that would become a revolving wardrobe outfit – I would take it out, put it on, take it off and hang it back up unworn. I did not waste my money. 

 My decision was based on my confidence in knowing what works for me and not a decision based on other people’s opinions.  I also  knowing the different elements of my Personality Style enabled me to have the thinking that this dress is not right for me rather than blaming my body for it not being right.


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  1. Interesting post. I am glad that you knew what you needed to feel like. Some people are fine with looking great but not feeling great. I dress for comfort myself. I hate shirts that are tight across the back and you can’t lift your arms up etc. I would want to enjoy the formal event and not think about my clothes. Or a colour that you are not comfortable with for whatever reason. Thanks again for you insights.

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