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Getting dressed and out the door looking and feeling great can be quite a daunting and time consuming task. Sometimes you might just give up and reach for a tried and true outfit (uniform) that you have worn many times.  This approach can lead to feelings of boredom and lead to unnecessary shopping purchases. With a little thought and some preparation you can be prepared for your day in advance.

If you want to save time in the morning and feel good in what you are wearing try these steps and make a difference to how you get dressed and approach your day.

  • Save time by choosing your outfit the night before or even creating a few outfits on the weekend.  An outfit includes top, bottom or dress, shoes, jewellery, bag and jacket / cardigan. When you THINK OUTFITS it can change the way you approach dressing and give you the opportunity to explore what is in your wardrobe and add variety and interest to your everyday style.
  • Think about the different activities you will be involved in work, social, family, home duties and choose accordingly. Remember to think about how you can change the look of an outfit by dressing it up or down.
  • Find a forgotten piece of clothing in your wardrobe and create an outfit to wear. This helps you get to know what is in your wardrobe.
  • Select a top or bottom, an accessory or pair of shoes to start your outfit planning. Changing the way you choose your outfit can create new combinations and interest.
  • Think about how the outfit makes you feel.
  • Remember to take the time to try on the outfits you choose to make sure that the fit, look and feel right.
  • Take a photo of the outfits you create and this can give you inspiration when you need it. This may feel strange at first but well worth the effort because it is not always easy to remember some of the outfits you love.




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