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mixing patterns & prints


Are you frightened of wearing an outfit that combines 2 different patterns or prints? Don’t be as it can be fun and give you greater choice of outfit combinations.  Many people think that mixing patterns and prints is too out there for them. You can create outfits which combine different patterns and prints no matter what your Personality Style.

This week I decided it was time to mix up the patterns and prints in my wardrobe. I have to say I hadn’t realised just how many patterns I had hanging in the wardrobe until I pulled them all out and put them on the bed. The next step was to see what worked with what.

These are the guidelines I used to create the new change of season outfits in my wardrobe.

For patterns to work together and look balanced you need to consider:

  • COLOUR – Select items of clothing that have a common colour in them.
  • SCALE – Look at the size of the pattern or print in the items. A more balanced and harmonious look is created when the size of the patterns is different.
  • DENSITY – Combine a dense and a sparse pattern or print. An overall dense repeating pattern that does not have a focal point is best combined with a more sparse and spread out pattern design. A sparse pattern has more negative spaces in between the patterns and is more eye catching.

These are the combinations I came up with.

patterns - stripes with stripes

Combining neutral colours. For a low key look I have combined 2 stripes of different widths together.

(The top is a very fine black and white stripe which doesn’t show up very well in the photo)

 The common colour is black.

I can also team this outfit with my black and white large spotted scarf. Stripes and spots are timeless and classic patterns.


Stripe& Floral

Same top as above is now teamed with a black and white sparse floral print to create an edgier look.


Stripes & Paisley (1)

Still keeping to a neutral colour palette with black and grey as the common colours I have combined a large scale sparse paisley pattern with a dense small stripe.

Pinstripes & Geometric

Combining a classic pinstripe with a modern geometric pattern. This fine pinstriped tunic dress has been combined with a larger geometric pattern in the  pants.

Common colours are black and white. I have repeated the green colour in the pants in my necklace to create interest and an upward focus. Without this the focus point would be my pants only.

spots & abstract floral

This fun and creative look has combined a white and pink spotted scarf with my very colourful watercolour look floral pants. The spots are smaller in scale than the floral pattern of the pants and both have pink and white common colours.

Lepoard & Abstract

Now this may be way over the top for some people’s liking but is just right for my Creative Personality Style.

I have teamed a leopard print top with a pair of multi-coloured abstract patterned pants. In the second outfit I have combined a black & green checker board pattern in my coat dress with these pants.

All but one of these outfit combinations is a new combination not worn before. The combination that I have worn previously was the paisley top with the striped skirt.

This play in more wardrobe has given me 6 new outfits without spending any money.

What can you find by playing in your wardrobe.

If you need any help and direction for creating outfits contact me to discover how I can help you save money by shopping in your wardrobe.

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  1. Artful combinations, good job.

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