Your Style Story



Knowing your Personality Style is an important understanding that can:-

  • have the power to ensure your  shopping and wardrobe choices contribute positively to your wardrobe and life,
  • save you time, money and effort when shopping because you know what works for you,
  • explain why some of your purchases are hanging as orphans in your closet – they may have fitted you but not be a match to your preferred style elements.

The clothing you wear creates a visual story of who you are. You will feel far more comfortable when you wear clothing that is a match with your Personality Style.

We are all very different in what style, fabrics, colours, prints & patterns and accessories we love to wear. That is because we have different Personality Styles. Most people are a combination of different Personality Styles.

Each of these Personality  Styles focus on different fabrics, style & shapes, colours, prints, patterns and accessories.

By knowing where your preferences lie for each of these elements you are gaining knowledge about your Personality Styles.


Click on each of the Personality Styles to discover your preferred  elements. Remember you are usually a combination of a few  Personality Styles.

Take note of which elements in each of these you may have strong preferences for.

 Now you know your preferences use this knowledge to SHOP FOR YOUR STYLE with CONFIDENCE.



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