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When an outfit feels and looks right you have found the right style elements and clothing combinations to complement and harmonise with who you are. This outfit is one of my favourites and feels ‘Just Right’ – I call this the Goldilock’s Principle. When you uncover your Personality Style you can change the way you approach dressing and shopping and create a wardrobe that truly works for you.

I always feel great in this outfit because it fits my Personality Style and makes me truly feel like I am expressing myself from the inside out. Let’s unlock the style and design elements in this outfit that make it a WOW combination for me. Remember someone’s way of putting an outfit together is not yours because we are all unique in what we like, how we want to be perceived by others and the way we combine items.

My Style Words include creative, relaxed, artinistic, unique and comfortable with a sense of fun.

The colours and the patterns in this top and pants are quite noticeable, creative and not a combination for those that prefer softer or neutral colours or more classic patterns, but for me they work. The colours harmonise with my personal colouring and are all in my colour swatch. I have to confess that I had the top and pants for quite a while before I combined the 2 different patterns and wore them together. They work together because there are common colours and the patterns differ in size and style.

I am wearing a hip belt (to disguise my lack of waist) with my top in a half tuck. Part of my signature look is that I style my tops so that they do not create a straight horizontal hemline as I find this more flattering, unusual and a different look.

Accessories are another part of my signature look and I rarely leave home without adding a necklace or scarf and earrings. My necklace and watch are different and unusual in style. The necklace repeats the flower pattern in my pants and my watch coordinates with the curved shapes in my top. Both these accessories repeat colours in my outfit. I have to add here that I wear this watch no matter what colours I am wearing.

My Personality Style is a combination of Creative, Relaxed and Natural.

To find your unique style recipe read How to Understand Your Style outlines a great way to explore your style words through a tic tac toe activity.







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