Where Am I Going? – 2016?

Where Am I Going - 2016?

I see a new year as an opportunity  to REFLECT & RETHINK on how my  thoughts, feelings, actions and accomplishments from the previous year supported my personal, family, home, work, business, social life and well being. Over the last 4 years I have established directions by choosing lighthouse word/s rather than making resolutions. I found making new year resolutions only gave me a narrow focus on a few actions that were usually not achieved. Choosing lighthouse words puts the emphasis on all aspects of my life and how I wanted to make a difference to create changes that impacted positively to all that I was doing. Each year that I have used this approach I have learnt so much about my self that has impacted positively on my life. The words I choose each year guide me  to approach all the dimensions of my life in a certain way and provide me with a benchmark to assess how I am going as well as giving me the opportunity to make positive & conscious changes to my thinking, beliefs and actions.

The words I have used in the past have been:
 2014 IMPOSSIBLE (translated I’m Possible)

I have chosen FOCUS as my lighthouse word for 2016. After reflecting on my 2015 year I noticed that the times I lost my BALANCE & MOMENTUM and things seemed too overwhelming came about because I was not putting enough FOCUS into all of the different areas of my life. I have always had a tendency to get myself so caught up in one thing that I lose sight of the people and other areas of my life that are important to keep me being the person I want to be. Another aspect of this behaviour is that I tend to be totally consumed by my work and this leads to lack of energy but I keep pushing myself – not a very healthy behaviour. Due to my lack of energy I start to shut down inside and don’t take the time to be with others. Now being with others is necessary for me as I am an extrovert and others are my fuel. When I am not feeling and being balanced as a whole person I do not function well. 

2016 is my  year to maintain an awareness and FOCUS on my whole self and the many dimensions of my life which include family, friends, social activities, creative activities, exercise, interests, business & work as well as what I am eating. I am colour coding my activities in my diary so I can review over time to ensure I am taking the time to  work, play and be healthy and happy.

Other valuable lessons learnt in 2015 were:-

  • FOCUS on finding solutions to problems not on the problem itself.
  • ASK FOR HELP. I am usually the helper and not the one being helped but some experiences from last year has shown me how much time and energy I used up by not acknowledging that I was having difficulty coping with my father ‘s decline due to Alzheimer’s, feeling guilty about being 3.5 hours away from my parents and not being there to support them more, pushing my own emotions back because I thought I needed to be strong and feeling out of depth with new aspects of my business.

  I look forward to all that 2016 brings and moving forward with all aspects of my life.



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