The Way Ahead 2020 Create

The Way Ahead 2020 Create



Welcome to 2020 and all that it brings to you. The beginning of a new year is often a time for reflection and setting directions for the coming year. Many years ago I moved from making New Year Resolutions to choosing a Lighthouse Word which set the direction for my thinking, actions, behaviours and relationships in my family, social, personal and business life.

My Lighthouse Word changes the focus from what I haven’t achieved in the previous year to a focus on what I want my life to look like for the new year. It gives me the thoughts and directions to move forward and look at all aspects of my life.

These are the focus words that have provided me with a road map over a number of years:-

Each year is not a new beginning but an opportunity to be, experience, learn and grow from all that happens. Moving forward in a positive way is important. At the end of each year I reflect on the thinking, actions, happenings, behaviours throughout the year that have brought me joy and happiness or derailed me. This gives me directions for the  new year.  It is important to take the time to think of how I want the new year to be and how it would look and feel. As I work through this process I record the words that come to me and choose the one that resonates the most.

2020 is a year of 366 daily opportunities and I have chosen the word CREATE to inspire me to be and live the life I desire. Expressing my direction and a way forward in a collage helps me define what it is that I am wanting to be and do.


The Way Ahead 2020 Create


This is a small snapshot of how I see my year. In 2020 I want to CREATE:-

  • time for all that is important to me.
  • a plan each month that involves social interactions with friends and family.
  • wellness in how I feel physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • play time in my garden.
  • holiday and getaway times with my husband.
  • fibre art brooches.
  • a memory with my sister in law when we take that parachute jump we have been talking about.
  • a metal sculpture but first I need to learn how.
  • more opportunities to make a difference in women’s lives by writing new workshops, an online workshop and videos .
  • a more sustainable approach to my wardrobe.
  • more opportunities for music and art in my life.
  • times for playing, laughing, loving sharing, stepping out of my comfort zone and making memories.
  • greater awareness and acknowledgement to identify when I need help and support.
  • the desire and energy for all that comes may way.

At the end of this year I will share my reflections of what has been for me in 2020.

The Way Ahead 2020 Create




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