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How to Pack

How to Pack


How do you approach packing to go away?
Do you like packing?
Do you take too much or not enough?

Packing can be a pain in the butt and a real chore.

I am presently packing for my holiday week in Melbourne.

Yes I am excited (not about the packing but going to Melbourne).
I am not a packing
expert but I do know that my packing
is much more succinct and thought out then it used to be.

This post outlines my approach to packing. Before I start to take clothes out of the wardrobe I think through the following aspects.

  1. LOCATION – This is your starting point. Where you are going will determine the types of clothes (hot or cold weather) you will need. I have checked out the weather temperatures for the next week and have made my decisions on being able to layer my clothing.
  2. HOW YOU ARE TRAVELLING – I am travelling by car so I do not need to consider excess weight which certainly helps when you need to take coats and jumpers.
  3. PERSONALITY STYLE – Your Personality Style plays an important role in whether you like to have choices and variety in the way you look. This is so with me. I don’t like to look the same everyday and I like the option of choice according to how I feel. This means I need to spend time in the week prior to going away thinking about which combinations of clothing items will allow me the versatility to create different looks. What is important to you?
  4. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE DOING? The type of activities you will be doing will dictate the level of refinement you will need in your clothing from very casual, casual, smart casual to even formal perhaps. My clothing needs for this trip falls into casual to smart casual. The clothing I take needs to be able to be styled up or down. I do this through different accessories such as jewellery, scarves and shoes. It is important that your clothing selection coordinates for mixing matching as this will generate more outfits from fewer clothes.
  5. TRY EVERYTHINH ON: There is nothing worse than getting to your holiday location and finding that something doesn’t look or fit right.


PANTS – black leisure pants for travelling (super comfortable) + dark denim jeans + patterned tights

SKIRT – patterened straight skirt + black stretch skirt

TOPS – 2 black long sleeve tops +grey  3/4 sleeved top + pink long sleeved top +2 black sleeveless tops to layer

OUTERWEAR – long black sleeveless vest which can be styled about 4 ways, + long line grey cardigan + plum jacket

SHOES- red flat ankle boots + black loafers+ black boots + black wedged shoes
(always find it hard to take less shoes because I LOVE THEM and I am not able to wear the same pair everyday because of a back problem)

ACCESSORIES – belt + necklaces + earrings in a variety of colours (grey, red, teal & plum) + 3 x scarves in red, teal & plum

OTHER: track pants + sloppy joe for lounging around at home, toiletries & underwear


  1. I usually stockpile selected clothing onto the spare bed and take time to see how the colours and styles go to together. Usually I start with too much and then cull down (except for the shoes). I make a point of taking at least 3 things away from my selection before I pack.
  2. I try on the outfit combinations with shoes and accessories to ensure that I am happy and all coordinates and fits.
  3. I usually roll all my clothing. I put the shoes on the bottom and rolled clothing around them. I also utilise the inside of shoes for placing my jewellery which is put into zip lock bags according to colour. This saves on trying to find what I am looking for in a tangled mess. This time I have placed my loafers inside my boots.
  4. Put packed suitcase into car and enjoy the journey.

Would love to know if you have any favourite packing tips.


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