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The Story of the Red Hat

The Sory of the Red Hat



What you wear has an impact on how you feel about yourself. This is a great story about Meg and how buying  a red hat influenced and changed the direction of her life.

This  extract is from “Mind What You Wear – The Psychology of Fashion” by Professor Karen J Pine  (available on Kindle) and a very  good insight on how clothing can influence how we think and feel.

“Meg was browsing the garment rails of a store in Manhattan, when a stunning hat caught her eye. She tried the hat on. Suddenly a new Meg stared back at her from the mirror.  After the initial WOW doubts started to set in. Then a woman passing by said, ‘Buy that hat. It will change your life.’ Meg bought the hat. Shortly afterwards she came to London and met the man she would later marry. ‘I saw a hat across the room,’ he said, ‘and thought, I have to get to know the woman who wears  a hat like that.’ And the rest is as they say, history.”

Yes clothing can have an impact on how we feel and our self confidence. When the feeling is a positive one, we can appear and feel more confident and happy. This influences others around us and we smile and sparkle. Meg’s hat was a catalyst for change.

This book is a great read which explores a series of studies on how the clothing we wear can impact on how we think, feel and act and its potential for positive changes in our life. The clothes we wear have the potential for creating positive change in our self and life.

What will you do the next time you have a WOW moment in the change room?

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