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What Colours are You Wearing?

Colour plays a major part in our life. We are surrounded by it and there are so many choices. Let me ask you 2 questions:-

1. What colours are you wearing?

2 Are you wearing colours that you like or that like you?

The colours that you may be attracted to may not not harmonise and compliment your personal colourings and therefore have the tendency to make you appear:-

  • washed out
  • tired,
  • unwell
  • not healthy

A colour consultation can determine your personal colour properties which include:-

  •  warm  or cool  undertones:- colours can be classified as being warm or cool. Whether a colour is classified as warm or cool depends on how it was created. This relates to how much yellow (warm) or blue (cool) is added to make the colour. All colours except for orange can have a warm or cool undertone.  The first step in colour draping determines whether the undertones of your skin, eyes & hair are warm or cool.
  • intensity:- colours can be pure and bright, dull, soft, muted or smoky looking depending on how much white, black, brown or grey is added to the pure colour.  Using the colour drapes discovers the colour palette which harmonies with your your skin, eyes and hair colourings. The palette which suits you best will make you appear brighter, fresh, glowing, more vibrant and younger. You can actually see the changes in how your face looks during the draping sessions.
  • value:- refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour on the grey scale ranging from dark to light. To determine the value of a colour you need to think of it on a black and white scale and where it sits. Albert Munsell determined this approach. Your hair colour  influences whether light, mid range or darker colours will be most flattering.

The Absolute Colour System used for draping by Individually You has nine colour swatches for both warm and cool colourings which ensures there is a colour swatch to suit your personal colourings. This makes such a difference when choosing what colours to wear.

Once your colour direction has been determined your colour swatch is personalised for you by:-

  • identifying your hair, eye and skin enhancing colours
  • demonstrating how to combine and wear your colours 
  • discovering your colour personality
  • showing you how your colour personality affects you colour and value contrast and how to combine colours in your outfits
  • how to use your colour swatch when shopping and dressing

Investing in a colour consult can:

  • ensure you always look and feel great because you are wearing colours that  enhance you
  •  save you  time, effort and money by creating your own colour coordinated wardrobe
  • take the stress out of getting dressed by having a colour coordinated mix and match wardrobe
  • give you confidence when shopping and dressing by using your colour swatch


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