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How to Style a T-Shirt

How to Style a T-Shirt


A t-shirt or top can be a versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It has the potential to be combined in many ways to create different looks when paired with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts and even dresses.
What makes an outfit stylish?

The elements I have used  to create these stylish t-shirt outfits are COLOUR & ACCESSORIES.
To create a versatile wardrobe you need clothing and  accessories in colours that can easily mix and match. A wardrobe that does not have a coordinated colour palette will not be versatile and  will result in many orphans in your wardrobe.
In these outfits above I have used a white t- shirt as my neutral colour and starting point. A neutral colour is one that is not on the colour wheel. Neutral colours are ones that can easily be combined with many other colours and include include:- white, navy, grey, brown, khaki, camel, taupe and many others. By using  a colour palette of  blues, greens, red and patterns these outfits have the potential for being  mixed and matched to create different combinations.  The colours I have chosen for the clothing and accessories have created points of interest and a cohesive look.
Accessories are a powerful way to take an outfit from ordinary to WOW.  I have used shoes, bags, necklaces, earrings, a belt and a bangle in the outfits above. By choosing coloured accessories that repeat a colour from your clothing you are creating a harmonious look. Most of these accessories could be worn with each outfit creating a different look. The red shoes would not work so well with the skirt.
A focal point can be created by having a colour in your outfit repeated in your jewellery, shoes, bags and  belts. These pieces create interest and attract the eye to them. Only create focal points to areas that you want to highlight and want to draw attention to.  If you didn’t want to attract attention to your waist you would not wear a different coloured belt. The face is your communication centre so is a good place to draw attention to.
Set aside some time to play in your wardrobe and see how you can mix and match your clothing to create many outfits using accessories, colour and focal points. This will give you more outfits with variety and versatility and also provide you with a shopping list to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

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