How to Guide for Wearing Black

Do you wear black? This post is my reflections on how and why I have changed my approach to buying and dressing in black. My wardrobe has always contained black items though that is changing. When I look in my wardrobe it is no longer a sea of black, black and more black.

How to Guide for Wearing Black

My approach to dressing in black has changed due to becoming more aware of how wearing this colour makes me look and feel.

Black seems to be readily available in all stores, styles, fabrics & price ranges to suit all occasions from sporty, casual, business to formal wear. For me choosing black was an easy, quick option because I could always find styles and shapes that were different. As I like wearing a column of colour black provided me with a range of options for tops and bottoms.

I didn’t have my eyes or mind open to the other colours available until I had my colours done and discovered the difference wearing colours that complimented and harmonised with my own complexion made. I started to notice the positive and negative impact that the colours I wore near my face had on my appearance.

When I wore a colour that had similar colour properties as my colour swatch my complexion looked fresher, brighter, more alive and the wrinkles were not as noticeable. The opposite was true when I wore colours that did not compliment my complexion and I was asked “Are you okay?” or told “You look tired.” I discovered that colours have powers and I am glad I did.

All colours have 3 properties relating to

  • Temperature – warm or cool
  • Value – dark to light
  • Intensity – soft, muted to bright

The colour properties of black are:-

  • COOL undertone,
  • DARK & DEEP value
  • BRIGHT & CLEAR intensity

If your personal colouring is not cool, dark and bright then black is not going to enhance your look.

As we age our colouring becomes lighter, softer and greyed down so colours that might have looked great on us when we were younger may not be as enhancing.

My colour properties are COOL, MEDIUM and SOFT and I have noticed that wearing a  charcoal colour is much more flattering than black. I am now on the lookout for charcoal and yes it is out there.


Black is a neutral colour. This is a colour that is not on the colour wheel. Neutral colours are the building blocks of a working wardrobe as they provide the opportunity to coordinate with many other colours.

What neutrals do you have in your wardrobe? Other neutrals include taupe, charcoal, gun metals, brown, caramel, beige, khaki, navy. Remember that neutrals come in both cool and warm undertones.

My wardrobe used to only have black and denim as my neutrals. By becoming aware of the other neutrals available I have created a more varied, interesting and valuable working wardrobe. The neutrals in my wardrobe now include navy (which I thought I would never wear), charcoal and grey.


Colour can evoke different responses and feelings. It can effect us emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Black is a colour associated with strength, power, authority and can communicate formality, sophistication, mystery as well as evil, fear, rebellion and sadness.

Over the last year I started to notice my feelings when I wore black. I noticed that sometimes I felt quite heavy and not as full of life when I was wearing black especially in day time social situations and during the summer. I now add colour with necklaces, earrings, scarves and shoes and this lifts my mood.

Take notice of how you feel when wearing black.


There are many ways you can make black work for you if it is not the best colour to wear near your face. This post How to Wear Black outlines different ways to wear black so that it is more enhancing and flattering.

Play and experiment with your clothing to ensure you enjoy wearing what is in your wardrobe.


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