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How to Style Jeans for Work

ABC of Styling Jeans for Work


How to  Style Jeans for Work

Getting dressed for work can be frustrating and tricky especially if it is Casual / Dressed Down Friday. Remember when dressing for Casual Friday that you are still going to work and most work places have a dress code. It is important that you maintain a standard of dress that is appropriate for work and meets the dress code if there is one.  Dressing down or in a more casual manner for work is definitely not to be interpreted as casual weekend wear unless you work in a very relaxed work place. In some work places it seems as if some people interpret a casual/ dressed down look as anything goes. Casual Dress in the work place does not mean sloppy or inappropriate. Here is an ABC of How to Style your  Jeans for Work that outlines some guidelines to consider:-

A is for APPRORIATENESS and the look you are after is professional and stylish.

  • Ensure that the style and type of denim is suitable and of a good quality.
  • Avoid the too’s of denim – too baggy, too tight, too distressed, too holey and frayed, too much detailing, too low rise.
  • Dark denim without ornamentation or distressing presents are more relaxed business style.
  • Clarify whether jeans are an acceptable mode of dress for your workplace. All workplaces will differ in what they see as appropriate attire for their business.

B is for BALANCE

  • Your look needs to balance the work  dress code and your interpretation of casual.
  • Consider what activities you will be doing during the work day because this can impact on how professional you may need to look. If you have important meetings or presentations on Casual or Dress Down Friday it may not be appropriate to wear jeans.
  • Adding a more structured jacket to your jeans can lift the level of refinement.


  • Think about what messages the clothes you are wearing are giving out.
  • Look at your chosen outfit and consider the words that would describe how you look. Are those words related to a work look or a weekend, night out look?
How to Style Your Jeans for Work

When styling your jeans for work remember:-

  • Casual relaxed work attire is less structured and softer in appearance but needs to fit you well and be in good condition.
  • Darker denim is more work appropriate.
  • Adding a third piece such as a jacket, vest, shrug or cardigan (not bulky knits) can create a more work appropriate look.
  • A casual work look can incorporate more colour, patterns and brightness.
  • Small to medium sized jewellery is most appropriate for a work environment.
  • When deciding on what shoes to wear remember the more enclosed they are the more appropriate they will be. Occupational health and safety needs to be considered.

If you are wearing jeans to work you need to ensure that your look is work / office appropriate, friendly and professional. Relaxed, casual or dressed down does not mean sloppy and inappropriate.

What Do You Wear to Work?

What Do You Wear to Work?



Recently I heard a government department was establishing a new dress code. This was necessary because some people where wearing onesies, ripped jeans and other clothing that was thought to be inappropriate attire for this workplace.

There are many different work environments with different dress codes. Some work environments can be super casual whereas others can be relaxed casual, smart casual / business through to traditional business. It is important that you dress and present yourself in an appropriate manner for the work place you are in. Your appearance can make or break your credibility no matter how good you may be at your job.

It seems to me that in some workplaces the interpretation of the ‘Casual Friday’ is taken out of context. Casual in the work place does not necessarily mean the same as casual dressing for the beach / barbeque. Business Casual does not always equate to social casual attire.

Your Appearance, Behaviour and Communication in the workplace is important.
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