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What is Your Watch Personality?


Did you know that even your watch is part of your style story? Dressing to your Personality Style ensures that the clothing / accessory details and elements that make up your outfit feel comfortable and just right for you.

Watches are available in many different styles, colours, materials, sizes and details and the one that you wear will be expressing an element of your personality.



What is Your Watch Personaliity?


    – timeless, classy, elegant, conservative, simple, understated, professional
    – plain face with gold, silver or black band – possibly leather band
    – small to medium scale
    – practical, natural, relaxed, uncluttered, comfortable, no fuss, functional
    – easy to read, possibly brown leather band
    – medium scale
    – delicate, soft, pretty, old fashioned, romantic
    – delicate, fine bracelet looking
    – small scale
    – bold, makes a statement, modern, contemporary, sophisticated, sculptural, chunky,
    – large scale
    – elegant, stylish, high quality, not fussy, timeless, modern
    -medium scale
    – different, quirky, individual, unconventional, unusual
    – any materials, colours and scale
    – unconventional, rebellious, noncomformist
    – black or metal with studs, spikes, chains, leather


The watches in the top image are my watches. Yes they are similar in colour and shape.

These watches are coloured, different and quirky and definitely are Creative and different which is part of my Personality Style.

Both these watches are a bracelet – I do not like wearing anything that goes around my wrist as it makes me feel constrained and very uncomfortable so Relaxed is also part of my Personality Style.

I also like to wear ring watches but they are not always easy to find.

My watch reflects my Personality Style.


Your Personality Style is usually a combination of at least two styles so your watch maybe a combination of styles.

Example – If your watch is more Classic but with a soft pink band then it would Classic – Feminine.

It is important that what you wear is in harmony with the person that you are and the activity or occasion you are attending.







Find STYLE Inspiration in Your Wardrobe

Find Style Inspiration in Your Wardrobe


Let’s look at ways to find STYLE INSPIRATION in your wardrobe.

Now is the time to find style inspiration in your wardrobe. Shopping is not the answer to finding your style. What you wear and how you wear it tells the story of who you are. What goes into your wardrobe needs to be worn and not just take up valuable space. When you shop without a plan it is unlikely that your purchases will contribute positively to your wardrobe.

Taking steps to understand and know the style elements that define who you are starts with you and your wardrobe. Grab a pen and paper and work through these activities. These activities will help you discover what style inspiration is in your wardrobe.

1. Steps to take before you look inside your wardrobe:-

  • Think of words that describe how you would like to be perceived by others socially and professionally. Your words may be different for different aspects of your life.
  • Think about your lifestyle and write down the activities / situations that you need clothes for – (home, gardening, sports/gym, work, social activities, formal activities)
2.  Look inside your wardrobe:-
  • What colours do you see?
  • What types of prints or patterns do you have?
  • What fabrics are your clothes made of?
  • What types of clothing are in your wardrobe? – eg pants, skirts, collared shirts, t-shirts, jeans, suits etc
  • What style and colour are your shoes? – low vamp, high vamp, flat, heels, runners etc
  • What type of jewellery do you wear?
  • Take note of any overall patterns / combinations  you might be seeing?

3. Find a complete outfit (clothing & accessories) that you enjoy wearing:- (This outfit could be an outfit that is casual, smart casual,  work office, business. I am not meaning your super relaxed laze about the house style here)

  • Look in the mirror – (yes you must look at yourself and even take a selfie or get someone else to do this for you)
  • Record how this outfit makes you feel?
  • Do the words you think of relate in any way to the words you wrote down in step 1?
  • Repeat this activity with as many outfits as you like.  Discover which style elements outlined in Step 2  combined to create outfits that truly expressed who you are.
  • Take note of the style words you have written down. Do these words express who you are and how you want to be perceived?
  • Record these words and put them on the inside of your wardrobe door. Look at these words to help make decisions for what you are going to wear. 

4. Remember:-

  • Your style is always evolving over time and with your lifestyle needs.
  • Recognising how you want your clothes to make you look and feel provides you with guidance for getting dressed each day and future shopping purchases.
  • Knowing your preferences in terms of colours patterns, textures, fabrics, accessories, shoes and silhouettes guides your shopping purchases to ensure you find your style inspiration in your wardrobe.
5. Contact me with any questions you may have as you work through these activities to find style inspiration in your wardrobe.

FURTHER READING to guide you to find style inspiration in your wardrobe

How to Understand Your Style

How Did You Express Your Personality Style Today?

What is the Role Of Clothes?

Finding your style means that you are buying, creating and wearing outfits that you love to wear and feel just right.


Style Inspiration to Create Your Outfits

Looking for some Style Inspiration


Getting dressed and out the door looking and feeling great can be quite a daunting and time consuming task. Sometimes you might just give up and reach for a tried and true outfit (uniform) that you have worn many times.  This approach can lead to feelings of boredom and lead to unnecessary shopping purchases. With a little thought and some preparation you can be prepared for your day in advance.

If you want to save time in the morning and feel good in what you are wearing try these steps and make a difference to how you get dressed and approach your day.

  • Save time by choosing your outfit the night before or even creating a few outfits on the weekend.  An outfit includes top, bottom or dress, shoes, jewellery, bag and jacket / cardigan. When you THINK OUTFITS it can change the way you approach dressing and give you the opportunity to explore what is in your wardrobe and add variety and interest to your everyday style.
  • Think about the different activities you will be involved in work, social, family, home duties and choose accordingly. Remember to think about how you can change the look of an outfit by dressing it up or down.
  • Find a forgotten piece of clothing in your wardrobe and create an outfit to wear. This helps you get to know what is in your wardrobe.
  • Select a top or bottom, an accessory or pair of shoes to start your outfit planning. Changing the way you choose your outfit can create new combinations and interest.
  • Think about how the outfit makes you feel.
  • Remember to take the time to try on the outfits you choose to make sure that the fit, look and feel right.
  • Take a photo of the outfits you create and this can give you inspiration when you need it. This may feel strange at first but well worth the effort because it is not always easy to remember some of the outfits you love.




What is Your Jewellery Saying About You?

What is Your Jewellery Personality_ (1)

What is Your jewellery Saying About You?

The jewellery you wear or don’t wear is an expression of who you are. Your jewellery preferences are part of your Personality Style. It is important that the jewellery you wear harmonises and complements you, the occasion and your outfit.  Your personality will determine what type of jewellery you prefer to wear and feel the most comfortable in. Look at these images and consider which type and style of jewellery you prefer to wear.

What is Your Jewellery Personality_ (5)

Each of these Personality Styles have their own jewellery characteristics determining the type, style, size, shapes & material of the jewellery which provide a different look. Think of the words that would describe your look as you read through the jewellery characteristics of the seven Personality Style.


  • traditional, timeless, conservative, understated, classic look
  • pearls, gold, silver & gemstones
  • small to medium in size


  • practical, uncluttered, no fuss natural  look
  • natural materials & designs, beads, stones, chains
  • small and unobtrusive


  • delicate, timeless, pretty, romantic, vintage, soft look
  • pearls, sparkle, feminine
  • delicate, rounded, flowers, hearts


  • different, quirky, individual, unconventional look
  • any and all materials
  •  expressive, artistic & unusual designs and shapes


  • bold, modern, contemporary look
  • metals, leather,
  • large scale and oversized usually with strong lines and geometric shapes


  • elegant, stylish, timeless,
  • real gems, gold, silver
  • simple uncluttered modern settings


  • unconventional, rebellious, noncomformist look
  • metal, facial & body piercings, tattoos, chains, studs, leather
  • shock value, usually black & studded – antiestablishment

You can change your look and level of refinement just by changing the style of your jewellery.

The next time you wear jewellery think about What is your Jewellery Saying About You?






The Most Important Question to Ask When Shopping

Sacha Drake Dress

There is one all important question to ask yourself when you are standing in front of the mirror looking at a possible new purchase. My latest shopping experience reinforced how important this question is. This is my shopping story.

At the weekend  I went to look for an outfit for an upcoming formal event. I do not attend many events that require formal attire so a shopping trip was needed. I saw this beautiful Sacha Drake dress pictured above and admired it greatly but placed it back on the rack because it wasn’t a style I normally wear. After trying on a number of outfits the shop assistant brought me the Sacha Drake dress. I decided to try it on because I had been attracted to it and was curious as to how it would look.

I put it on and when I walked out of the dressing room the shop assistant and three customers all made this comment “WOW, that looks great on you.”

I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised because it did look really good on me BUT I wasn’t thinking WOW and something wasn’t right. The sales assistant asked “What do you think?” and was somewhat taken aback when I said, “Yes it does look good but doesn’t feel right.” Her response was “What do you mean, it looks great and fits well.” I tried to explain to her that I felt constricted and uncomfortable around my middle. No it wasn’t too tight but because the material was woven it didn’t have any give and it  felt like I was in a corset. She clearly was not liking what I was saying and told me that after having the dress on for 10 minutes I would be fine because it looked so good. I knew I wouldn’t ever feel comfortable in this beautiful dress because it did not feel right. There was so much chatter from those people around me reinforcing what the sales assistant was saying that I actually felt like screaming out’- “You are not listening to me, this is about me, not just how the dress looks.

Good fit  is not the only element that contributes to making an outfit JUST RIGHT.

The all important question that you need to ask yourself is:- HOW DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL?

This dress, no matter how beautiful it was, wouldn’t ever make me feel good because I love and need to wear fabrics that move with me and do not constrain me in anyway. Most of my clothing especially the more fitted styles are all in stretch fabrics.  When something doesn’t feel right it means that it isn’t meeting one of the elements that contribute to your Personal Style. Your Personality Style is uniquely yours and needs to be considered when shopping.

I did not buy anything but this was a successful shopping trip because I did not make a purchase that would become a revolving wardrobe outfit – I would take it out, put it on, take it off and hang it back up unworn. I did not waste my money. 

 My decision was based on my confidence in knowing what works for me and not a decision based on other people’s opinions.  I also  knowing the different elements of my Personality Style enabled me to have the thinking that this dress is not right for me rather than blaming my body for it not being right.


How to Combine Your Necklaces

How to Combine Your Necklaces



There are many reasons to include jewellery in your day to day dressing ritual.  . Quite often adding accessories to your outfit can be viewed as being too difficult, frustrating and time consuming. This post How to Combine Your Necklaces looks at how to incorporate necklaces into your dressing and create different looks.

For me an outfit isn’t complete without the addition of jewellery.

Let’s look at 4 reasons to consider accessorising:-

  • Cost Effective – There is a great variety of jewellery available at very affordable prices. Jewellery has the potential to update and change your look for less money than buying new clothing items.
  • Personality Style – We all have different preferences according to our Personality Style  and with such a variety of jewellery available everyone can find pieces to reflect who they are.
  • Versatility – Any outfit can be transformed in different ways by the jewellery worn. With a few key jewellery pieces your can create different looks for all different occasions.
  • Focus – Necklaces create an upward focus so that people are looking at your portrait area.

Here are five different approaches to find different ways to create different looks.

When choosing these necklaces I considered

  • colour
  • shapes
  • texture
  • level of formality

Remember the necklaces you will be working with will be very different from the ones I have used because of our unique style preferences.  For more information read


Doubling up necklace (2)

In the outfits above I  have used a long necklace and doubled it up to create more volume and detail. I have added a second longer  necklace to the outfit on the left for colour. By doubling the necklace on the right I have created a look that fills the neck space. Sometimes with a neckline like this it can be difficult to find the right style of necklace. Problem solved by experimenting. Long strings of pearls look great twisted around your neck so why not try other types of necklaces.


2 necklaces

Have you ever considered combining two or more necklaces. Combining necklaces can be something you can try no matter what style of jewellery you like to wear. This technique works well with all jewellery from small, delicate style through to bold and large. The pieces need to relate in some way to each other and sit within the space of the larger / longer necklace. The pieces above have been coordinated according to shape or colour. When I am wearing a lower neckline I like to wear a necklace that takes up some of the skin space.


Combining 3 necklaces

This is the first time I have combined three necklaces and I loved the result. The three combined necklaces above work well together because of  their relationship in terms of the circular shapes. The neutral colour scheme contributes to an edgy timeless look which could be worn day or night. Have you noticed that I have used the silver multi layered open necklace in three different ways and the look is very different each time.


combining scarves necklaces and bangles

When the weather turns colder I like to have a warm neck. Adding a longer necklace can add colour and interest.


repurposing accessories (1)

Sometimes with a bit of playing you can use different items and repurpose them. In the outfit on the left I have attached a brooch to a simple multi-strand necklace to add colour, interest and a sense of fun. Brooches can easily be converted into necklaces by just threading them on to a piece of ribbon, chain or band.

The necklace in the outfit on the right has been disguised as a bracelet. This necklace has a bit of stretch to it so worked beautifully in this instance. I have to confess that I have tried this with 2 other necklaces and ended up breaking the strand. I am now on the look out for other necklaces that can be repurposed into bracelets.

Remember to take photos of the different combinations you create and love. Hope you have as much fun as I do experimenting and playing with accessorising in different ways for How to Combine Your Necklaces.

How to Style a New Purchase – Part 3



This series of posts has been looking at how to approach styling a new purchase so that you ensure that it adds value to your wardrobe by coordinating with what you already have. How to Style a New Purchase Part 1 & Part 2 looked at styling for casual to formal dressing by using accessories and adding a third piece to change the look and feel of an outfit to suit different occasions.  I have already created 9 different outfits with this skirt and top.

This Motto skirt and top were sold as separate items that instantly created a whole outfit. What do you do when you buy pieces together that make a ready to go outfit? In my experiences working with women in their wardrobes they quite often limit the potential of the items in their wardrobe by not thinking of them as separate items to be mixed with other clothing.

STYLING PROCESS: Separating tops and bottoms

In this post I am working with the skirt to find other tops and accessories to make completely different outfits.



This coloured Motto top creates interest when combined with the neutrals of black and grey. I am wearing my Motto elasticised hip belt and half top tuck to disguise my tummy as well as creating the right top to bottom proportions. The grey in the vest, necklace and boots creates visual grouping for a balanced look.



Yes, another Motto top (my most favourite top in the wardrobe – all the colours are in my colour swatch and it coordinates with so much of my wardrobe). As in the outfit above I have layered a black top underneath for warmth. This top has the versatility to be worn throughout the year by adding a layer underneath. Once again wearing a hip belt and a half tuck. The jewellery, earrings and belt buckle repeat the colour in the top. The black shoes balance with the black sleeves of the under top.



This is such a comfortable, casual and fun outfit to wear. Love wearing this old time favourite oversized Chee top. Teaming it with this slim skirt creates  a balanced look. Using the Rule of 3 – red earrings, necklace and shoes creates a top and tale balance as well. This means that the eye travels over the whole outfit and returns to focus on my portrait area.



Pattern and colour create the interest when combined with this neutral top and skirt.

I have now made  4 more outfits to wear making this skirt and top a valuable addition to my wardrobe.

Finding ways to make the clothing in your wardrobe coordinate in as many ways as possible to create outfits means you are shopping in your wardrobe and able to make it work for you.

How are you going to make your clothing work for you?



What is the Role of Clothes?



“Women should have their own personal boutique in their wardrobe that
suits their personality, colouring, body, lifestyle and budget.”

Kim Williams

What is the Role of Clothes?

What did you wear today? How did it make you feel? Did it suit your activities?

Clothes are a must if we don’t wish to be arrested. What we wear has the power to influence and enhance our inner confidence and happiness. Inspiration for this post has come from Coco Chanel and a client.

A client made this comment after her Be Colour Confident Consultation
‘Now I have the confidence to start to find myself again and feel good about me and how I look. I’m looking forward to this.’ 

This following extract comes from Carla Zampatti’s book ‘My Life, My Look’

‘Clothes play such an important role in our lives. Women, if they feel fantastic, can move mountains. If they feel dowdy, they are inhibited by the way they look. I remember one woman who once came into our Double Bay store back in the 2000’s. She had just gotten a divorce and said, ” I want to buy that red dress.” She took it off the rack and tried it on, and she looked fabulous. She turned to me and said, “Now I can face life.”

Clothes have social power too. When you get up in the morning, get dressed and look in the mirror, and you like what you are wearing, it feels good – and people react to that. There’s no greater reward for my efforts as a fashion designer than knowing something I have created has given someone the confidence to get them through a critical presentation or job interview, or made them feel utterly sensational on a night out.’ 

As a Personal Stylist I feel very privileged to work with women and support them to feel inspired, knowledgeable and confident about dressing for who they are, their now body and lifestyle.

If you are ready to start defining and creating your look, make wardrobe and shopping choices based on who you are and how you want to look and feel click
HERE to complete the contact form to book your free 30 minute STYLE CHAT to discover how we could work together.

Mixing it up with Patterns & Prints

mixing patterns & prints


Are you frightened of wearing an outfit that combines 2 different patterns or prints? Don’t be as it can be fun and give you greater choice of outfit combinations.  Many people think that mixing patterns and prints is too out there for them. You can create outfits which combine different patterns and prints no matter what your Personality Style.

This week I decided it was time to mix up the patterns and prints in my wardrobe. I have to say I hadn’t realised just how many patterns I had hanging in the wardrobe until I pulled them all out and put them on the bed. The next step was to see what worked with what.

These are the guidelines I used to create the new change of season outfits in my wardrobe.

For patterns to work together and look balanced you need to consider:

  • COLOUR – Select items of clothing that have a common colour in them.
  • SCALE – Look at the size of the pattern or print in the items. A more balanced and harmonious look is created when the size of the patterns is different.
  • DENSITY – Combine a dense and a sparse pattern or print. An overall dense repeating pattern that does not have a focal point is best combined with a more sparse and spread out pattern design. A sparse pattern has more negative spaces in between the patterns and is more eye catching.

These are the combinations I came up with.

patterns - stripes with stripes

Combining neutral colours. For a low key look I have combined 2 stripes of different widths together.

(The top is a very fine black and white stripe which doesn’t show up very well in the photo)

 The common colour is black.

I can also team this outfit with my black and white large spotted scarf. Stripes and spots are timeless and classic patterns.


Stripe& Floral

Same top as above is now teamed with a black and white sparse floral print to create an edgier look.


Stripes & Paisley (1)

Still keeping to a neutral colour palette with black and grey as the common colours I have combined a large scale sparse paisley pattern with a dense small stripe.

Pinstripes & Geometric

Combining a classic pinstripe with a modern geometric pattern. This fine pinstriped tunic dress has been combined with a larger geometric pattern in the  pants.

Common colours are black and white. I have repeated the green colour in the pants in my necklace to create interest and an upward focus. Without this the focus point would be my pants only.

spots & abstract floral

This fun and creative look has combined a white and pink spotted scarf with my very colourful watercolour look floral pants. The spots are smaller in scale than the floral pattern of the pants and both have pink and white common colours.

Lepoard & Abstract

Now this may be way over the top for some people’s liking but is just right for my Creative Personality Style.

I have teamed a leopard print top with a pair of multi-coloured abstract patterned pants. In the second outfit I have combined a black & green checker board pattern in my coat dress with these pants.

All but one of these outfit combinations is a new combination not worn before. The combination that I have worn previously was the paisley top with the striped skirt.

This play in more wardrobe has given me 6 new outfits without spending any money.

What can you find by playing in your wardrobe.

If you need any help and direction for creating outfits contact me to discover how I can help you save money by shopping in your wardrobe.

Finding Your Style

Style & Personal Expression



When an outfit feels and looks right you have found the right style elements and clothing combinations to complement and harmonise with who you are. This outfit is one of my favourites and feels ‘Just Right’ – I call this the Goldilock’s Principle. When you uncover your Personality Style you can change the way you approach dressing and shopping and create a wardrobe that truly works for you.

I always feel great in this outfit because it fits my Personality Style and makes me truly feel like I am expressing myself from the inside out. Let’s unlock the style and design elements in this outfit that make it a WOW combination for me. Remember someone’s way of putting an outfit together is not yours because we are all unique in what we like, how we want to be perceived by others and the way we combine items.

My Style Words include creative, relaxed, artinistic, unique and comfortable with a sense of fun.

The colours and the patterns in this top and pants are quite noticeable, creative and not a combination for those that prefer softer or neutral colours or more classic patterns, but for me they work. The colours harmonise with my personal colouring and are all in my colour swatch. I have to confess that I had the top and pants for quite a while before I combined the 2 different patterns and wore them together. They work together because there are common colours and the patterns differ in size and style.

I am wearing a hip belt (to disguise my lack of waist) with my top in a half tuck. Part of my signature look is that I style my tops so that they do not create a straight horizontal hemline as I find this more flattering, unusual and a different look.

Accessories are another part of my signature look and I rarely leave home without adding a necklace or scarf and earrings. My necklace and watch are different and unusual in style. The necklace repeats the flower pattern in my pants and my watch coordinates with the curved shapes in my top. Both these accessories repeat colours in my outfit. I have to add here that I wear this watch no matter what colours I am wearing.

My Personality Style is a combination of Creative, Relaxed and Natural.

To find your unique style recipe read How to Understand Your Style outlines a great way to explore your style words through a tic tac toe activity.







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