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How Much Do You Believe in Yourself?



Our thinking and actions can sometimes stop us from taking steps forward to follow a dream, goal or change we want in our lives. We can sabotage what we want to do or achieve because of self doubt or fear of failure. Failure only occurs when we don’t even try. Think about what might be stopping you from making some changes in your life. Any change takes time, effort and energy.  YOU NEED TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT. What are the dreams or changes you would like to follow?

You are Unique

You are Unique


The Story of the Red Hat

The Sory of the Red Hat



What you wear has an impact on how you feel about yourself. This is a great story about Meg and how buying  a red hat influenced and changed the direction of her life.

This  extract is from “Mind What You Wear – The Psychology of Fashion” by Professor Karen J Pine  (available on Kindle) and a very  good insight on how clothing can influence how we think and feel.

“Meg was browsing the garment rails of a store in Manhattan, when a stunning hat caught her eye. She tried the hat on. Suddenly a new Meg stared back at her from the mirror.  After the initial WOW doubts started to set in. Then a woman passing by said, ‘Buy that hat. It will change your life.’ Meg bought the hat. Shortly afterwards she came to London and met the man she would later marry. ‘I saw a hat across the room,’ he said, ‘and thought, I have to get to know the woman who wears  a hat like that.’ And the rest is as they say, history.”

Yes clothing can have an impact on how we feel and our self confidence. When the feeling is a positive one, we can appear and feel more confident and happy. This influences others around us and we smile and sparkle. Meg’s hat was a catalyst for change.

This book is a great read which explores a series of studies on how the clothing we wear can impact on how we think, feel and act and its potential for positive changes in our life. The clothes we wear have the potential for creating positive change in our self and life.

What will you do the next time you have a WOW moment in the change room?

The Power of Clothes

dorothy red shoes

Have you ever thought about the power of clothes? I am not talking about a superman suit or Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers.  After a recent workshop session on Personality Style a participant remarked how she suddenly realised that  her way of dressing for work was hiding the person she wanted to be and that it was time for her presence to be seen and heard. Discovering her Personality Styles had empowered her. This got me thinking about how clothes are more than just items we put on each day to cover our nakedness and stop us from being arrested. Clothes have the power to hide us, allow us to blend into our environment, enable us to be noticed or stand out. Our clothes can have a positive or negative effect on how we look, feel or make an impression on others.

When I thought about this further I realised that in my teenage years I developed a style of dressing that camouflaged my body shape. All I wanted to do was to hide my skinny body. I experienced bullying in primary school and began to hate my body and just wanted to cover it up.  Because I felt like I didn’t fit in I made a conscious decision to dress differently to everyone else. Because my mother sewed most of my clothes I didn’t get store bought clothes till I was about 12. I was very much involved in choosing fabrics and patterns for my outfits. I think this is where my love for clothing & styling started. Dressing the way I did gave me strength to face the world. Now, after much work on feeling positive about myself and my body I don’t dress to hide my body but to reflect who I am. I like the person that I have become and I LOVE working with other woman to find themselves and to feel and like good.

 What you wear and how you present yourself to the world is telling your story.

What is your story?


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