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8 Reasons to Smile

8 Reasons to Smile


8 Reasons to Smile 

Find the smile within you that makes you shine with happiness and confidence.

Start every day by smiling at yourself.

When you look in the mirror just give yourself a smile.

Use your smile to turn off any negative thoughts you have by smiling them away.

When you start to have a less than positive thought about your stomach, legs, breasts,
arms, neck wrinkles and so on put on a smile to switch them off.

Your smile can be powerful so wear your smile everyday and feel the difference.

You make other people smile so smile at and for yourself.

Smile because you can.


You are important


How you look is important but how you feel about yourself, your look and your body is crucial to your overall well being and happiness. You are many things to many people. Other people see your beauty and appreciate the person  you are. You are important to others so be important to yourself.

There are many ways to define ourselves and most people define themselves by comparing themselves with others and focusing on negative qualities. Comparing ourselves to others is both very self limiting and destructive behaviour. Why is it so much easier to accept, believe and care about others but not ourselves? Everyone deserves  to feel good about themselves.

Take some time to push away those negative thoughts and comparisons and notice the person you really are.

Take steps every day to adapt your own thinking towards more positive thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions  drain your energies, self worth and personal power. Our thoughts and beliefs strongly influence our actions and feelings so take the time to listen to your inner voice and become aware of whether your are placing yourself in a negative or positive direction. Life flows much better when your head space is positive.


A good friend is kind, accepting, supportive and encouraging.  Take these steps to becoming your own best friend.

  • THINK about the words or thoughts you use to describe yourself? Are these positive or negative? What would you say to a friend if they described themselves in a negative way?
  • SMILE at yourself in the mirror each morning. This sounds ridiculous I know but just try it. It is very difficult to hold on to a negative thought when you are smiling and smiles make you sparkle and glow.
  • DON”T BELIEVE your inner critic. You can change old habits and start new ones. It just takes time and practise. Remember YOU ARE IMPORTANT.
  • GIFT yourself  at least 1 compliment everyday. Each day think of something positive to say to yourself. Remember to think and notice the positives. Start anywhere – hair, eyes, fingers, toes, neck, legs, smile etc.
  • ASK a friend  what they see as your positive aspects and believe them.
  • KNOW that what think of as a flaw other people don’t even notice so don’t bring it to there attention.
  • ACCEPT compliments with a smile and a thank you.
  • STOP comparing yourself to other people or images. The reality is that there is no such thing as a perfect body.
  • KNOW how to dress to enhance or hide those parts of your body that you would prefer not to be noticed.
  • REMEMBER to give yourself this advice – ACCEPT, BELIEVE AND CARE ABOUT YOU because YOU ARE IMPORTANT

I strongly believe that to contribute to anyone else’s life you have to feel good about yourself first. This lets you give more in a positive way without draining your own energy.








Do you find it difficult to look in the mirror without focussing on what you see as flaws. This impacts on how you  feel about yourself and your confidence and happiness.


  • Next time you look in the mirror take the time to give yourself a hello smile.
  • See what a difference a smile makes to you. Your face lights up and you sparkle and shine on the outside.
  • Make sure you turn off your inner critic and start to notice your glow. It can have a positive effect on how you feel and how others feel and react.
  • Start your day by smiling at yourself and see what a difference it can make.
When you feel confident with who you are and focus on  your positive aspects (remember that’s what your loved ones and friends do) you feel happier, more confident and start on the road to valuing and respecting yourself.
I believe giving yourself permission to value and respect yourself is a gift you can give yourself and others. Smiling can have a positive effect on how you feel and think.

Go ahead and smile at yourself and others.

Friday Thoughts – How did I get here?

Cpngident Style Your Way Every Day

Today’s Friday thoughts have come from talking with others about their style and how it has come about. It made me reflect on:-

  • my process of defining who I am,
  • finding self acceptance
  • how I have used clothes not just to cover my body but to express who I am.

Here are my thoughts – How Did I Get Here?

Clothing and dressing have always played an important part in my life. I battled with body image and self esteem issues since primary school. (not uncommon) I was bullied during my schooling which led me to believe I didn’t fit in and this led to a feeling of poor self worth and body image.

I did not like my body – was thin and particularly despised my ‘skinny’ legs and didn’t develop at the same rate as my friends. I didn’t actually develop boobs till I went through early menopause at the age of 36. All of this led me down a path where I started wearing clothes that I could hide behind and be different.

My mother made most of my clothes and taught me to sew. I didn’t have to buy mainstream and could be different. I avoided wearing dresses (except for my dreaded school uniform) and wore anything that would hide my ‘skinny’ legs.

In my twenties my approach moved towards wearing clothing to hide the fact that I didn’t have breasts or a defined waist and still had my ‘skinny legs.’ I have to say I was thankful for my height which I inherited from my father. At this time I didn’t realise that I was hiding my body.

In the last tens years I started to realise that I was still  holding on to some of my past irrational body image thoughts. I realised I liked the person I had become but not my packaging and was still hiding. This led to an expected flood of tears which  was the beginning of letting go of those deeply ingrained irrational thoughts I had carried with me for so long. It felt so good and powerful.

The difference reaching this point made was great. I started working on finding an acceptance of the body I had and started to realise that my ‘skinny’ legs which I had defined myself by for so long were probably one of my better assets. Acceptance of  the body you have here and now will always be ongoing and starts with giving yourself permission to like it and stop negative thoughts. (not always easy).

I love my personality style and know that it will continue to evolve because of my inner confidence and understanding of the person I want to be. Everyone deserves to value themselves, feel an acceptance and happiness from within.

Tell your story of who you are with confidence.

This is why I do what I do.




The Power of Clothes

dorothy red shoes

Have you ever thought about the power of clothes? I am not talking about a superman suit or Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers.  After a recent workshop session on Personality Style a participant remarked how she suddenly realised that  her way of dressing for work was hiding the person she wanted to be and that it was time for her presence to be seen and heard. Discovering her Personality Styles had empowered her. This got me thinking about how clothes are more than just items we put on each day to cover our nakedness and stop us from being arrested. Clothes have the power to hide us, allow us to blend into our environment, enable us to be noticed or stand out. Our clothes can have a positive or negative effect on how we look, feel or make an impression on others.

When I thought about this further I realised that in my teenage years I developed a style of dressing that camouflaged my body shape. All I wanted to do was to hide my skinny body. I experienced bullying in primary school and began to hate my body and just wanted to cover it up.  Because I felt like I didn’t fit in I made a conscious decision to dress differently to everyone else. Because my mother sewed most of my clothes I didn’t get store bought clothes till I was about 12. I was very much involved in choosing fabrics and patterns for my outfits. I think this is where my love for clothing & styling started. Dressing the way I did gave me strength to face the world. Now, after much work on feeling positive about myself and my body I don’t dress to hide my body but to reflect who I am. I like the person that I have become and I LOVE working with other woman to find themselves and to feel and like good.

 What you wear and how you present yourself to the world is telling your story.

What is your story?


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