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Have You Heard of Beauty Bundles?

Have You Heard of beauty Bundles?


Beauty Bundles are all about accessories. I first read about beauty bundles in Fashion Makeover 30 Days to Diva Style by Brenda Kinsel.

Accessories play an important part in creating a stylish outfit. They create interest and focal points as well as changing the look of an outfit for different occasions.

A beauty bundle is a group of accessories that relate well together. The accessories in a beauty bundle could include:-

  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • brooches
  • bracelets / bangles
  • scarves
  • shoes
  • hats
The items in a beauty bundle can be related to each other by colour, pattern, style and level of refinement. They can be worn together to create different looks for different occasions. We are not talking about matching sets. An important point to remember is that you wouldn’t be wearing all of these items at the one time.


This is a great way to think about the jewellery you have and how you can wear it. Many people have their jewellery in boxes and  very easily forget what great pieces they have.

  • Look at your jewellery and sort into colour & metal groupings. It is important to remember that your jewellery relates to your Personality Style. If your jewellery is gold, silver and pearls then don’t think you have to rush out and buy bold coloured jewellery.
  • Do you have shoes, scarves, hats that coordinate with your jewellery groupings?
  • How does your jewellery colour groupings relate to the colours in your wardrobe?
  • Think about how your jewellery relates to your lifestyle and outfit needs. Can it be worn for different occasions – casual, smart casual, semi casual or formal.

Let’s take a look at some of my beauty bundles. My wardrobe colour palette consists mainly  of black, charcoal, grey & navy neutrals and teal, plum and red colours.


Have you Heard of Beauty Bundles? - blue

I only introduced navy to my wardrobe last year and now I can’t get enough of it.

beauty Bundle - red

I do not have a lot of red in clothing items but wear it a lot in accessories. It goes well with all my neutrals.
I am on the lookout for a red bag that is just right for me.

beauty Bundle - plum

This colour is one of my all time favourites. I am always on the lookout for accessories and clothing in this colour.
It will be a magic day when I find more shoes in this colour. I will doing a happy dance.

beauty Bundle - formal

This is my more formal beauty bundle. The bags are very special as they were made by my mum about fifteen years ago.
I wear these necklaces for more casual dressing as well by teaming them with other necklaces.

Creating beauty bundles:-

  • gives you an overview of how your accessories contribute to your wardrobe
  • adds value, versatility and variety for styling your outfits
  • gives directions for what you are missing and might need to buy
  • allows you to create different looks for different occasions
  • is the most economical way to recreate different looks
  • is lots of fun


How to Dress Up Jeans

Style Tips for Wearing Jeans


How to Dress Up Jeans

Jeans are a versatile item to have in your wardrobe for many reasons. There are many ways and reasons to wear jeans which include:-

  • come in a large variety of styles to suit all body shapes
  • can be styled for all personality types
  • are comfortable to wear especially with the introduction of stretch element
  • durable and have a long life span (just be aware that the style of jeans and how you are wearing them are not dating your look)
  • available in all prices ranges

Find Your Way to Wear, Enjoy and Dress up Jeans

What is there not to like about jeans. Let’s look at how you can style your jeans to suit your Style Personality and express who you are. What you put with your jeans is what makes a difference. Everyone expresses themselves through their clothing in different ways. It is through the choices of colours, patterns, prints, type of fabrics, silhouette created and choices of accessories that enables you to feel comfortable and look good in your outfit.  The different outfit combinations of these outfits pictured below show how the combination of different elements  outlined above create a unique look and feel.


Find a Way to Ensure Your Jeans Add Value and Versatility to Your Wardrobe


Jeans can be adapted to create different looks for various occasions and activities. They can be styled and worn for many different activities from extremely casual to smart casual. Quite often we can have a mind set that differentiates certain items of clothing in our wardrobes as being for play, casual, work, going out or best activities. This thinking is limiting the potential of your wardrobe becoming your day to day shopping boutique.


Jeans have the potential to be dressed up and dressed down for different lifestyle activities. Clothing has different levels of refinement and when you understand this you can style up or style down


The images below shows how this pair of jeans  can be styled for 3 very different occasions by choosing fabrics, styles, accessories that are from different levels of refinements:-

  1. Special Occasion Clothes  for formal, evening, business formal wear
  2. Every ay Clothes for work, going to lunch, dinner & many social activities 
  3. At Home, Sports, Gym, Hobbies Clothing
How to Dress Down _ Dress Up Your Jeans (2)

What are your tips for How to Dress Up Jeans?

How to Combine Your Necklaces

How to Combine Your Necklaces



There are many reasons to include jewellery in your day to day dressing ritual.  . Quite often adding accessories to your outfit can be viewed as being too difficult, frustrating and time consuming. This post How to Combine Your Necklaces looks at how to incorporate necklaces into your dressing and create different looks.

For me an outfit isn’t complete without the addition of jewellery.

Let’s look at 4 reasons to consider accessorising:-

  • Cost Effective – There is a great variety of jewellery available at very affordable prices. Jewellery has the potential to update and change your look for less money than buying new clothing items.
  • Personality Style – We all have different preferences according to our Personality Style  and with such a variety of jewellery available everyone can find pieces to reflect who they are.
  • Versatility – Any outfit can be transformed in different ways by the jewellery worn. With a few key jewellery pieces your can create different looks for all different occasions.
  • Focus – Necklaces create an upward focus so that people are looking at your portrait area.

Here are five different approaches to find different ways to create different looks.

When choosing these necklaces I considered

  • colour
  • shapes
  • texture
  • level of formality

Remember the necklaces you will be working with will be very different from the ones I have used because of our unique style preferences.  For more information read


Doubling up necklace (2)

In the outfits above I  have used a long necklace and doubled it up to create more volume and detail. I have added a second longer  necklace to the outfit on the left for colour. By doubling the necklace on the right I have created a look that fills the neck space. Sometimes with a neckline like this it can be difficult to find the right style of necklace. Problem solved by experimenting. Long strings of pearls look great twisted around your neck so why not try other types of necklaces.


2 necklaces

Have you ever considered combining two or more necklaces. Combining necklaces can be something you can try no matter what style of jewellery you like to wear. This technique works well with all jewellery from small, delicate style through to bold and large. The pieces need to relate in some way to each other and sit within the space of the larger / longer necklace. The pieces above have been coordinated according to shape or colour. When I am wearing a lower neckline I like to wear a necklace that takes up some of the skin space.


Combining 3 necklaces

This is the first time I have combined three necklaces and I loved the result. The three combined necklaces above work well together because of  their relationship in terms of the circular shapes. The neutral colour scheme contributes to an edgy timeless look which could be worn day or night. Have you noticed that I have used the silver multi layered open necklace in three different ways and the look is very different each time.


combining scarves necklaces and bangles

When the weather turns colder I like to have a warm neck. Adding a longer necklace can add colour and interest.


repurposing accessories (1)

Sometimes with a bit of playing you can use different items and repurpose them. In the outfit on the left I have attached a brooch to a simple multi-strand necklace to add colour, interest and a sense of fun. Brooches can easily be converted into necklaces by just threading them on to a piece of ribbon, chain or band.

The necklace in the outfit on the right has been disguised as a bracelet. This necklace has a bit of stretch to it so worked beautifully in this instance. I have to confess that I have tried this with 2 other necklaces and ended up breaking the strand. I am now on the look out for other necklaces that can be repurposed into bracelets.

Remember to take photos of the different combinations you create and love. Hope you have as much fun as I do experimenting and playing with accessorising in different ways for How to Combine Your Necklaces.

How to Style a New Purchase

How you shop makes a difference to how your wardrobe works for you. If you know what is in your wardrobe and what you need then you can create a working wardrobe that mixes and matches to suit your lifestyle needs. You can shop with purpose and decrease the chances of buying items of clothing that will sit as  orphans in your wardrobe.

3 ACTIONS I take before and after buying something:-

  • Ask myself what can I wear this with and where can I wear it?
  • Before I put the item away I try to have a Dress Up session where I create a few different outfits with shoes and accessories. This saves time when I am getting dressed. When you have an organised wardrobe and know what is in it this doesn’t take that long.
  • I try to wear the new piece of clothing within a week of purchasing it.

Recently I purchased a navy peek-a-boo sleeve top from Metallicus. I had been looking for a navy top and fell in love with this one as soon as I put it on. It is a versatile addition to my wardrobe as I can dress it up or down according to where I am going and I had a number of pants / skirts that I could wear with it. Just by changing accessories & shoes I am able to create a variety of outfits that can be very casual through to smart casual, even a somewhat formal look . This top can also be transeasonal if I add a navy long sleeve top underneath.

Untitled design(4)Smart Casual Look

Navy TopDressed down and dressed up by changing shoes & accessories

(Have to apologise for having my eyes shut in the photo on the right
– not a good look- only just realised – at least you know that the shots are natural & real).

navy top 3Casual to more Formal

There you have it, a snapshot of styling a new purchase. If you are spending money on clothing it makes sense that every purchase contributes to mazimising the potential of your wardrobe.

Simple Tips for Packing and Unpacking Accessories




Jewellery in the form of necklaces and earrings are an important part of my daily outfits. When going on holidays I carefully plan my accessories to colour coordinate with my outfits and give me the power to dress my outfits up or down as needed.
Here are my simple tips for packing and unpacking accessories:-

Packing jewellery has always been a nightmare until I started storing my necklaces and earrings in zip lock plastic bags according to colour. This MAKES it easy  to select the jewellery pieces you want to wear each day. Keep your jewellery in these bags while on holidays and it lessens the event of  losing pieces or leaving them behind.

Place accessories bags inside your shoes and boots to  economise on space.

After a trip to Melbourne I couldn’t find my favourite pink necklace and earrings. This led to much frustration and endless searching for a couple of months. The pink accessory bag was eventually found inside a pair of red boots. Obviously I had not checked these boots when unpacking.

Multi-strand necklaces can easily become tangled when placed in a bag. The solution to avoid this happening is to attach the strands to a clip.  This can then be placed in the ziplock bag and not get all tangled up. Certainly saves time when unpacking.





A-Z of Styling A is for Accessories

A - Z OF STYLING A is for Accessories


A – Z OF STYLING A is for Accessories

A is for Accessories looks at how accessories can make a difference to your outfit and style. Accessories can sometimes be overlooked and forgotten in the dressing and shopping process.  They have super powers when it comes to putting the finishing touches on an outfit just like the icing on a cake.

When styling an outfit accessories can add the finishing touches. They are an important part of your outfits. Your accessories can include:-

  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • bangles
  • anklets
  • brooches
  • scarves
  • hats
  • hair pieces
  • belts
  • handbags
  • shoes

Let’s look at the impact accessorising can have on your day to day style:-

  • cost effective – there are so many great accessories available at very affordable prices. Accessories are the most economic way of adding versatility and variety to your wardrobe.
  • contributes to your personality style – no matter what your look / style you can find accessories to reflect who you are
  • easiest way to create a focal point of interest & highlight your assets
    – wearing a necklace, earrings or a scarf will draw attention up to your face,
    – belts in a different colour to your outfit can be a great way to enhance a defined waistline (if you have one)
    – shoes with detailing or in a colour that compliments your hair or  your outfit can focus attention towards your feet and legs creating a cohesive look from head to toe
  • gives your wardrobe more versatility and wearability by being able to dress up or down an outfit – changing your accessories can take an outfit from casual  to smart casual, informal to formal
  • have the potential to give your wardrobe an updated look without costing as much as buying more clothing items
  • can find accessories that are appropriate for all occasions – home, play, social, work, business
  • don’t come with a sizing label
  • you do not have to get undressed to try them on
  • can make you feel great with minimum effort

It’s time to start thinking about accessories when shopping and dressing.

Play in your wardrobe and experiment with your outfit combinations by adding accessories to see what different looks you can discover. By doing this you will become aware of what accessory gaps you have in your wardrobe. Make a list and be on the lookout for accessories that will contribute to adding life, versatility and vitality to your wardrobe.

Ensure the accessories you have and buy contribute to your wardrobe in a positive way.

Read more about styling with accessories:-

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How Do You Store Necklaces?

How to Upstyle an Outfit from Day to Night









How Do You Store Necklaces?

How Do You Store Necklaces?



Can you easily see and reach your necklaces? Like all  items of clothing you will not wear them if you cannot see them.  The SEE and REACH PRINCIPLE  needs to apply to your accessories as well as your clothing. If  your necklaces are in a tangled mess at the bottom of a box or drawer you will not wear them. Who has the time in the morning to find and then untangle your chosen necklace.

To gain maximum value and to care for your necklaces you need to  store them in such a way that they are easily be seen and reached. This also protects them from becoming tangled and damaged. Accessories add versatility, your individual style signature and are like the icing on your outfit. When you know what necklaces you have and can easily locate them then you will wear them.


It has taken me a long time to find a storage solution for my necklaces. Two years ago I decided to organise my necklaces inside picture frames and arranged them on our bedroom wall. If you like this idea but don’t want them on display why not try putting them  on the wall behind the bedroom door.

It is the best thing I have ever done. I know exactly what I have got, they are tangle free, easily able to be found and look great. Now I can get dressed and easily SEE and REACH for the necklace I want to wear for the day. It certainly saves time and energy. I am thinking about adding another frame so I can more easily sort into colour.


How do you store your necklaces?


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