How to Dress a Small Bust


Our body shapes, proportions and body variations are unique to each of us. No matter what size and shape we are we can utilise the elements of line, colour, pattern and detail to enhance our features and express our style.

If you have a smaller bust and wish to create the illusion of a fuller look  here are some suggestions on How to Dress them:-

  • Add volume by placing detail such as gathers, frills, ruching, bows and pleats at your neckline.
  • Wearing prints and patterns (especially with rounded detail) can create the illusion of volume.
  • Higher necklines will enhance and flatter your bust.
  • Add a third piece such as a jacket, cardigan, shrug or vest.
  • Pockets can be your friend.  Wear t-shirts, tops & shirts and coats with pocket detail at the bust area.
  • Play with colour by dressing your top half in lighter or brighter colours as darker 
  • Longer, slimmer multiple necklaces that fall over your bust or longer can be worn. By wearing multiple, smaller and finer accessories your bust area can appear larger.
  • Wearing shorter necklaces will draw the eye upwards and take the focus away from your bust area.
  • A long scarf worn hanging down the front will also add volume to a smaller bust area.
  • Accentuating your waist by wearing a belt (if you have a defined waist) can make your bust area more enhanced.
  • A well fitted bra will always enhance any look.

how to dress a small bust


If you have a smaller bust than you have the advantage of being able to wear a variety of styles.


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