What About Pant Length?


 Have you ever put on a pair of pants with a different pair of shoes and the outfit didn’t look right?

Finding the most flattering pant length can be difficult for a number of reasons:-
  • There are many different styles of pants.
  • We might want to wear our pants with different shoes.
  • Different shoes usually require different lengths.
  • Mass produced pants do not take into consideration that we all have different leg lengths.


  • Hem your pants according to the shoe you are going to wear most often.
  • If you love a pair of pants and know you want to wear them with both heels and flats then you may consider buying 2 pairs the same.
  • When trying on pants make sure the length is long enough because you can’t add length.
  • The most flattering pant length needs to follow the Goldilocks Principle and be “just right” for the style of pants and the shoes.
  • Taking your pants to a dress maker can make a difference.

Most Flattering Length – What About Pant Length?

The guide to pant length:-

  • Trousers / Straight Legs suit a hemline that sits on the top of the foot halfway between your toes and heel.
  • Wide Leg / Flared Pants should not cover the entire front of the foot or shoe. There needs to be some toe and heel showing. If you wear these pants too long you will risk damaging the bottom of the pants on the ground and the possibility of having your pants get caught in your shoes.
  • Skinny Pants will bunch over the top of your the foot if they are too long. The hem needs to sit on the top of the foot and bottom of the ankle.
  • Ankle Pants are usually tapered and are best with a hem that shows the entire top of the feet and the ankle.
  • Cropped or Cargo pants can be most unflattering if the length and width are not appropriate. These pants can make you look shorter or wider depending on where you place your hemline. If you have are short, have shorter legs or are petite then stopping your hemline under the knee will be the most flattering. For those who have are taller or have longer legs then mid calf can work well. However you need to ensure that the hemline stops above or below the widest part of your calf.

REMEMBER:  Your personality style and preferences will always be a determining factor in what and how you wear your clothing. These are guidelines that can assist in determining why something is or is not working for you.

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